Does anyone have pictures & geometry of the 17" frame version of Yukon 750???

I'm looking for the geometry (sizing numbers) and actual pictures of the 17% frame version (the 20" version has the bottle holder; the 17" version does not). All the pictures and sizing numbers on their website are for the 20" frame.

Thanks in advance.

I understood it as the stand over height is lower by the three inches (why no room for bottle holder) and all other measurements remain. Would still be a large bike, maybe someone will correct me or have more details.
Am I to assume nobody ever ordered a 17" frame Yukon 750 that can post a few pictures here???? I find that truly unbelievable given that the Yukon 750 is such a popular model....
This is from the Facebook Yukon Group, hope it helps.

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Many thanks for the find and the pics. I also called Voltbikes and spoke (twice) to George and he said the ONLY difference between the 2 frames is 3" of the top bar. That means 31" (as shown on their website) for the 20" frame and 28" for the 17" frame. Considering that Swedeen Ohana mentions that he also spoke with George and he told him 29" (and NOT 28") vs 31", I still need someone with an actual 2018 17" frame Yukon 750 bike to put a measure 1-3" in front of the saddle and measure on that curve of the top tube to the ground and tell us if that curve is closer to 28" than 29". Cause 1" makes a difference as my wifes inseam is 28". Again many thanks.
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