Does this bike exist?

Discussion in 'Help Choosing an Ebike' started by DougH, Nov 19, 2017.

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    I've got a wishlist for a certain e-bike configuration but haven't been able to find one. Any suggestions welcome. My wishlist:
    • A hybrid/touring type bike suitable for commuting and trail (gravel, potholes, mud). Front fork suspension desireable.
    • Mid-mount motor system (preferably Bosch).
    • Frame-integrated or attached-to-frame type battery. Not rack-mounted.
    • Rear hub shifting like Shimano Nexus 8.
    • Hydraulic disc brakes.
    • Fenders, rack, chain guard and lights desirable.

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    My understanding from watching the Interbike videos is that this will be a speed pedelec in the US. The bike in the link you posted uses the CX motor. Can't wait to see it available here.