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I bought a Dolphin that was delivered a week ago. Everything worked fine but because of a snow storm I only had a limited opportunity to take it out and test ride it. I was going through the limited instructions on the use of the display to see how to reset the distance and speed readings etc. I am afraid I might set the condition of my PAS. I don't have it functioning anymore and I do not see the PAS mark showing up on the display. The Throttle works fine and the throttle mark shows up on the display screen when the throttle is being used. Also the walk mode works fine when that is set. But there is no pedal assist. I can step through the PAS settings from 1-5 but the motor does not engage. Is there a way to turn PAS on and off using the display settings? If so how do I get PAS back? Thanks for anyone's help.
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Hi Joe. Unscrew the plug from the controller on the bottom of the battery. Wait a few seconds and screw it back on. Turn the screen back on using the middle push button. To do that hold this button for 2 to 3 seconds and the display should read the number 3. This should put it into PAS. The PAS only works when pedaling.

If you need more assistance, Bolton Bikes, has a you tube on how to program the controller through the display. I bought these bikes solely on his review. Kyle the owner is awesome.

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