Dropper Seatpost on 2017 Bulls E-Stream Evo 3 27.5 Plus

Discussion in 'BULLS Forum' started by Rudder, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Rudder

    Rudder New Member

    I have a 49 cm frame and want to add a Dropper Seat Post Which ones fit easily, works well, and lasts a long time? My comfortable seat rail height is 195 mm above the bottom of the seat post clamp. I pushed the seat post down the seat tube and it bottoms out after accepting 238mm of it.
    Has anyone installed one?

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  3. Blueflash

    Blueflash New Member

    I've been looking into this as well. I have the 2016 non-plus FS3. I also have the 49cm frame. I dont know if there are other dimension differences between the 2-yrs that would affect the seat post sizes. My ride height from the top of the post clamp to the seat rail is about 190mm. My post will go into the tube 240mm before bottoming, so we are about the same. I want to go with an internally routed cable, which looks possible. I've looked at the specs for the Fox Transfer and the KS LEV Integra. The Fox has a longer overall length, so a 100mm dropper would be all that would work for me. With the KS, I could go with the 125mm dropper. This is assuming that at full up, the post would be at my proper ride height. The KS would give me 25mm more range from full up to full down, and still fit in the seat post tube. The only trouble I see with going with an internal cable, is the opening/grommet at the top of the frame tube is already pretty full with the existing cables. It will be a tight fit.
  4. Rudder

    Rudder New Member

    I just spoke with a guy at KS on the phone and read him all my MM numbers. He said the 125mm would work fine. You just need to mount the collar 20mm above the top of the seat tube to get the 190mm to the seat rail. (We are the same size since I was measuring my 195 mm from the BOTTOM of the collar.) If I measure from the top of the collar I'm at 190mm also.
    I also asked him if the 150mm Lev Integra would work. He said it would give me a 200mm high seat post, and it would be very difficult to stop it from rising right at 190mm each time and I wouldn't be happy with it. So the 125mm looks to be the best choice.
    As far as routing the cable goes, I have a small hole in the left side of the seat tube with a rubber grommet stuck in it with a cable-size angled hole through it. It's down by the lower rear shock attach bolt. I'm guessing it's for the Dropper cable. Its a bit of a sharp turn to go up in the battery compartment but looks workable.I have to remove the battery next to see if there's a space to rout it.
    He also said the Integra comes with a slide-on remote, so you have to remove the grip to get it on, or else order an aftermarket hinged "KGSL" remote clamp ($55) from bikeinon.com. KS makes it. They also make a "Southpaw" remote if you mount it on the left side ($35).
  5. Blueflash

    Blueflash New Member

    Glad to hear my measurements were correct. Mine has the hole at the bottom of the post tube too. You'll find removing the battery is of no help in the cable routing. That is a separate channel in the down tube, completely isolated from the cables. Not sure when I'm going to actually get a dropper, but so far the KS LEV Integra 125mm is my first choice.
  6. Rudder

    Rudder New Member

    Let me know if you find the way to "fish " the cable through the down tube above the battery to the handle bars (or maybe the reverse way).
    I'll phone Bulls tech people tomorrow, may be of help.
  7. Rudder

    Rudder New Member

    I've seen prices from 280 - 305.
  8. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    I put a contact sl from giant (450mm, 150mm drop) on my 2016 non plus fs3. They are harder to get because they are take offs from giant bikes, but fairly regular on eBay. They also happen to make their bikes with 30.9 posts which is not really a standard size...

    I Have a medium frame and the dropper section sits about two inches above the seat post mount on the bike. I'm 5'10 and don't quite get full use of the travel, but it is a great post! I still get probably 120mm of use, and found my post for about $150.

    I used the hole in the post to fish the cable through. I looked but there is no way to get it though the internal routing up through the battery... No room on the top exit port near the stem.

    What I did was drill two small holes in the ends of the larger plastic cover that is under the water bottle cage. That cover goes far enough up the bottom tube of the bike that it easily directs the cable the rest of the way up the bike to the front. It is quite seamless unless you really look at it.

    If I have the time I'll post some pictures later!
  9. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    Don't think they can help. The top exit port is truly only spaces for three cables... Unless you switch to a 1x drive train there just isn't room.
  10. LimboJim

    LimboJim Active Member

    I have the same bike (same size), and got a wireless Magura Vyron eLect dropper. About 30 trail-riding hours in, no problems thus far (knock on wood). I heard it's "standard" equipment on Bulls' Euro version of the bike.

    It took a little getting used to, but its simplicity is hard to beat. They have a new improved model for 2018, but it's quite a bit more expensive, of course.

    Best price I could find by far - including shipping - is from the German shop:

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  11. Blueflash

    Blueflash New Member

    That top port is my main concern too, for routing like the other cables. It's only plastic though, so could probably be enlarged. Then, would have to worry about the channel in the down tube being able to handle another cable. I like your method as a second option though. To bad Bulls didn't put a routing option in the right side of the down tube also. There may be a channel there, but don't really want to drill and find out. I don't like the wireless Magura option. I prefer not to have another device I have to remember to charge.
  12. Rudder

    Rudder New Member

    I decided to go with the KS Lev Integra 125mm, and route it as pxpaulx did. That plastic cover under the water bottle comes off pretty easily with 5 small allen head bolts and the cable can slide under the rear (low) side of it without drilling a hole there. There is plenty of room under that plastic cover, then round-file out a tiny mouse hole in the high side of the plastic cover against the down tube, leaving the cable exposed up the rest of the down tube, then wrap it to the three cables and one electric wire coming out of the high side port, and then on to the remote. Barney from Bulls in LA said thats how many of the Bulls bike shops have been doing it. My LBS Bulls dealer agreed, unless you were ready to enlarge the four-cable hole and trim out another hole in the grommet. The only sketchy part will be the 11 inch run of the cable past the battery level lights where it's left out in the open. I'm still thinking what to do there if anything. My LBS mechanic also said he saw one done by removing the Brose motor and routing the cable around it somehow but it sounded too complicated for me.
  13. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    Here are a couple pics of my routing.

    Last one is a bar mount that places the trigger away from other controls... Very useful after hitting the trigger instead of making a great change on a couple occasions!

    Rudder, I was concerned about the cable above the plastic housing, but at least for the cable I've got it is quite stiff and stays completely out of the way.

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  14. Robie

    Robie Active Member

    Court recommends where to get dropper, on his review video of this bike.
  15. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    I posted pics of my setup above - just to comment on what you've said though - I think the channel inside the downtube has plenty of room for another cable - it seemed to be on quick inspection basically a full double wall along the side of the downtube from top to bottom. The exit at the stem is the real issue - the plastic is very brittle and hard, not pliable at all - you'll be losing small bits of it if you attempt to remove it...that comes from experience! It isn't like the rubber plug in the seatpost tube that is pliable and easy to remove and insert (relatively). To be honest I think the top exit hole is simply a carry over design from their non-ebike model, for which 3 slots would cover a dropper post - the hole is simply taken up by our electronics.