Dual Sport+ out of stock

I have had a hard time finding a Dual Sport+ in my area (San Francisco Bay) and a couple of dealers told me they couldn't even order one. I called Trek to see if I could get an explanation. Apparently the 2019's are all sold and there won't be more. That seemed to imply that the 2020 models will be coming a long time before 2020. They couldn't say anything about future models, of course, but did say that they announce new models throughout the year.
Any given year of new bikes usually come out about 6 months prior to the calendar year. So yeah, mid-2019 maybe. Shame there seems to be a dead zone where you can't get the old bike or new bike :(
I guess there is no way to predict and I should be shopping other models. This model was announced in the early fall of 2018, I think, as a 2019. I've not seen any published references prior to October. Less than five months later, the production run is over. The bicycle business is hard to understand. So many models, so many links in the chain. Oops. Pun unintended.