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    We are looking to purchase our first pedal assisted e-bikes. We are an active retired couple each about 70 years old, about 5 ft 7 in, and normal weight. We travel roughly 10,000 miles per year in our motorhome and will carry the bikes on a rack on the back of the motorhome. The cost of the e-bikes is not a major concern. The e-bikes will be primarily used on paved bike trails. The e-bike we are leaning to at the moment is the Electra Townie Commute Go because: Electra is the only brand of e-bike sold by the bicycle shops in our local area, we think the front and back racks on the Commute would help us lift the e-bikes onto the bike rack, and we are thinking the internal gear hub would be preferable given the e-bikes will be carried many miles on a rack. The bike rack we are leaning to is the Hollywood Sport Rider for electric bikes. Our current bicycles are the Day 6 Journey which we bought about 6 years ago. We welcome any suggestions/advice on choosing an e-bike and rack that would be suitable for us. Thanks.

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    I am not sure how much I can help, aree you sure the rack will be a help in loading and unloading? My wife are are currently learning all we can about RVs so we can go around carrying our bikes(currently Stromers) riding where ever we go , looking for places to ride. I think toy haulers are too much for ebikes but I also want them enclosed, They bikes are too expensive to ride around exposed. I am hoping I can find an enclosed box with a ramp which can be mounted to the rear or maybe find a mini garage in a toy hauler with ramp .

    I am not familiar with Hollywood brand so I cant say much about them. If you are looking to purchase new I would recommend a brand name high quality which can be serviced as many places as possible. Also the more "normal" parts on an ebike the more a non ebike shop can help. If you enjoy your current bikes they can be made into ebikes, same recommendations, the more coverage and quality the brand of kit you have installed the least service hassles you will have. In general ebikes need more service than a non ebike.
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    Are you aware of the increased chance of theft with ebikes? They seem to be a magnet for it based on articles and posts I have read. I'd only look at folding bikes that can be placed INSIDE the RV when you are away from it for any time at all. Is your current rack rated for that much weight? If you are on the road that much, I'm not sure you get a lot of benefit from a local dealer. Look at the networks of other brands, it might be better for when you are on the road. Sorry, can't help you with the bike you are looking at.
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    We are aware of the chance of theft. We have carried our existing bikes for 6 years on the back of the motorhome with no problems. Our motorhome is not large enough for e-bikes to be stored in compartments so with are left with carrying them on the back in a rack and securely locking them up. Our current rack is not rated for the added weight of e-bikes so we will need to get a new rack. One of our existing bikes has frame damage which prompted our look into purchasing new e-bikes. We are on the road several months during the year but still home long enough to probably benefit from having a local dealer.
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    It's more than just a chance for theft. Hanging $8,000 worth of bikes on a rack out back is an strong invitation for theft. Maybe some kind of cover or custom stow away aluminum box covering them would help. One guy on the Sondors Facebook page described how his bike was stolen of his car rack while he was sitting at a stop light! Make sure your insurance is in order. I didn't intend to suggest you stow them away inside all the time. Say you go to a fancy restaurant, or do some hiking, and you plan on being away for a few hours. A folding bike could be placed inside and locked. Then put them back on the rack when you head for the road again. I'm overly protective of my bikes I guess, I hate to leave them unattended just about anywhere!
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    I'm always dubious of the electricals on an ebike that is transported at highway speeds in a pouring rain. You'll want some kind of sturdy cover for the display and controls that won't fray away in the wind. Battery too, although I take the batteries off to save the load on my hitch mounted racks when I transport with my car.

    You'll also want some good protection for loose batteries. They are fire risks and probably shouldn't be left charging while away from the RV. I would charge them outside the RV, just in case. However, I'm sure a lot of RV stuff runs off lithium power, so you probably know better than me.

    As for theft. I think good insurance is best. Even if you had a video camera monitoring the bikes, my opinion is that police in far away towns don't have time for tourists unless they're issuing a ticket for revenue. More likely for the bikes to get stolen if you rode somewhere for shopping.

    Electra Townie Commute look fine to me. I'd buy one if money didn't matter.
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    I RV. I carry two townie go bikes in bed of pickup. I use the Inno rack system. Absolutely love the bikes and the racks for hauling.
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    I RV. I carry two townie go bikes in bed of pickup.