E-bike specific Internal Gear Hub by Shimano for 2019

Ravi Kempaiah

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Sorry, fumble fingered above... What I was trying to say was, looking at the specs it looks like this hub starts at a higher gear. That would also explain for the lighter weight given that the lower gear cogs are bigger. So to me this sounds like a good e-bike hub because who really needs the added range of granny gears?
That's right. Gearing is very important on a pedal powered bike but on an ebike, you don't really need 500% gear range for city riding conditions. Motor compensates a lot for that.
In fact, SRAM released eMTB specific EX1 drivetrain with only 8 speeds but it does have higher gear range for mountain biking conditions.
The biggest advantage with this Nexus Inter 5 is that you can pair it with Di2 and combined with E8000 motor, it's a great system for moderately varying terrain.
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Chris Nolte

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I imagine one of the big applications for this hub will be bikeshare. We’ve worked closely with all the major guys in this space and It’s been really tough for them to find an affordable hub that requires minimal service. Citibike has been switching all their hubs to Enviolo but they aren’t cheap.

Overall it’s great to see Shimano doing more in this space at a time where the other big guys like SRAM are pulling out of IGH production.