E-CORE EVO EN Di2 27.5+ IS HERE!!!!!!

My new E-CORE EVO EN Di2 27.5+ was just delivered to Voltaire Cycles here in NJ! Thanks to Chris at Voltaire and Adam at Bulls for keeping me up to date on delivery. It's been a long time waiting but I'm sure it's going to be worth it. Now I have to find a trail clear enough of ice to ride! This is the cleanest this bike will ever look since I'm going to be putting it through some serious rides in the coming days (Ask Chris about how my E-STREAM EVO 3 looks! :) ). I'll send my first impressions once I get it on the trail.


bob armani

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Wow, sweet bike indeed with all top end components. Congrats and enjoy this rig. Never tried electronic shifting, however, I would imagine it is crisp and the index shifting must be spot on. Sounds like the bike is ready to take a serious beating on downhill, etc. Have fun and ride safe!