E3 27.5 + single track reviews

So Dug into my pocket got me e3 without doing much of a test ride just around the block and little dirt trail. demo a Levo for few hours so had a comparison but not being a specialized fan I went with the bulls.
After a solid day on technical single track riding in Georgetown ca I quickly realized this bike wasn’t at all setup for chunky technical down hills or down hill speed at all. Front end tucked horribly when you pushed into any loose dirt corner with any speed at all. My cannondale Jekly was considerably more stable and handled light years better.
After going to dealer for help I quickly realized I had purchased the bike from the wrong dealer if I wanted any post sale support at all.
Not knowing anything about Rockshox components I went on a quest for internal parts knowledge and how to make these Yari forks a more versatile sx/DH friendly fork.
Not much info to be had on setup tips easily found for this bike so I’m gonna give what I have come up with and see if any you have gone the path. Or maybe you to want to try it.
Complaints, won’t hold corner, bottoms like a brick, nervous and twitchy, vague front wheel traction and tends to push.
Anitial setup. 20% sag front 45% rear.
Added a bottomless token and ran air pressure at 100psi bike still bottoms horribly on any speed hit and no drops. But harsh on chop and still nervous.
Ordered a 160mm air rod, added 2 bottomless tokens, set sag at 18% front and 35 rear and bike Settles down and front traction improved, bottoming well under control and not using last 1” travel on normal speed rough downhill sections.
But the bike still choppy.
Now comes tricky part.
Rock Shox doesn’t support this.
Complete tear down of the fork and replace grease in air chamber and balance chamber with click A kit oil, use Same oil on outer tube in small volume to keep fork bushings lubricated, small quantity of oil on balance air side and on the main pressure side of air ram.
Running 3-1/2 tokens. 3 not enough and 4 to much so machined a token down.
I can now say I have never ridden a ebike or any down hill bike as plush on small 1-4” chop and have bottoming protection to take a 3ft drop into the nose.
I have now moved almost every DH bike. Segmented downhill strava records and put the bulls e 3 on the KOM, on every run I have done so far. Crank the rear sag from 35% to 25% and your XC geometry is very similar to factory and pedal strikes are reduced and smooth ride is amazing.
This bike should have come with a 160mm front end as it makes the bike Best All mountain ebike out in My opp. Stock the Levo is better balanced handling bike on every terrain I rode it.

65.00 in parts and 2hrs time.