Easy Motion Atom Lynx 6 27.5 Pro is the no-brain choice over the Turbo Levo FSR Comp?

Discussion in 'Help Choosing an Ebike' started by kenny77, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. kenny77

    kenny77 New Member

    I am down to choosing between 2 e-bikes (both 2018 models):

    1. Easy Motion ATOM LYNX 6 27.5 PRO (price: $5799.00 US)

    2, Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Comp 6Fattie (price: $5500.00 US)

    Both have as I understand the same motor: the new Brose Drive S.
    But the battery on the Easy Motion is 720 Watts, while the battery on the Specialized is only
    504 Watts.

    Larger battery size - more range.

    So does everyone agree the Easy Motion bike is the no-brainer choice over the Turbo Levo?


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  3. LimboJim

    LimboJim Active Member

    Can you test-ride them? My only hesitation about Atom is the battery placement - it's definitely higher than the Levo's, which makes for a higher center of gravity.
  4. bob armani

    bob armani Active Member

    Hi Kenny-It really depends on your riding style -plus if you like all of the extra bells and whistles on the new Atom. The Levo looks like a raw version of any eMTB where as the Atom looks to be so much more advanced with the heads up display with many added features. I personally would go for the Atom!!
    I test rode the Expert ($7500) at the Expo and the FSR 6 Fattie ($4000) model and was not impressed at all IMHO. I also have Easy Motion and I find them to be reliable with pretty good C/S. Good Luck and please keep us all posted with your decision.
  5. kenny77

    kenny77 New Member

    The higher center of gravity regarding the battery on the Easy Motion is an interesting point.
    But I wonder how significant the higher battery placement really is; isn't most of the weight above the top tube anyways, ie the rider?
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  6. LimboJim

    LimboJim Active Member

    No doubt, a 220 lb rider on a 25 lb MTB weighs more overall than me on my 48 lb eMTB, and I'd imagine that this affects their center of gravity. It's also much harder to "bunny hop" etc. on any eMTB because of the bike's weight, but since that's never been my style in 30 years on trails, I could care less. As long as the bike can navigate technical, twisty singletrack, I don't notice the heavier bike and may even benefit from the lower COG than I get on my old Stumpjumper.

    Hub-motor ebikes of roughly the same weight don't handle nearly as well on tricky trails, in my experience, in part because the weight distribution is off-kilter. The first thing I noticed about the Atom Lynx was the battery placement - it looks very cool, but goes in from the top whereas my nimble eMTBs all have the batteries lower on the downtube. The fact that it's a larger than usual 720Wh battery only adds to my concern.

    That's why I'd want to ride that setup to see how it handles before buying it... unless the buyer doesn't care much about handling on singletrack.
  7. Ravi Kempaiah

    Ravi Kempaiah Well-Known Member

    You could also look into Focus Jam2 Ltd. One of the lightest full suspension bikes at 44lbs.
  8. trebor

    trebor New Member

    The Atom seems more advanced, but it would come down to the handling and how the geometry felt.

    Some others to look at:

    BULLS E-CORE EVO AM (same E8000 motor as Focus Jam2, but twice the battery capacity).

    BULLS E-STREAM EVO AM4 (in case Brose-S motor is preferred).
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