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Does anyone know where I can get the proper sized nut and washer, that will fit on the axel of my ebike wheel, and still sit inside the fork dropout groves properly ?

Here is a picture, to better help explain what I need. I took the large nut that came with wheel, that has a built in washer and fliped it around.


I'm basically looking for a 14mm nut, with a 19mm outside diameter, as I had both the axel and nut measured with a Caliper and these where the measurements I got.
I bought mine at the motorcycle shop. 14mm dia by 2 mm thread pitch was available at ruralking store, and 14 dia x 1 mm thread pitch was at the auto supply, but 1.6 pitch or whatever it was only the motorcycle shop had them. Or I could have bought 20 for $12 plus $8 freight from mcmaster.com.
14mm washers you can get by the pound at ruralking store. Buying 12 mm and 14 mm bulk nuts there helped me figure out what diameter and thread I had. No such store, try the motorcycle shop again.
Outside diamter is variable, you may have to grind them down. I had to grind the flanges off. Use safety glasses & a vise-grip pliers grinding.
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I believe every fork manufacturer tells you not to use a bolt on wheel. There is no safety if the nut comes loose. If a through axle comes loose, you have that counterbore to still hold the wheel in place. Bolt axles need a fork with a hole for a safety washer.


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I believe you can find a nut with the same thread at Home Depot or a hardware store. Bring one of the axle nuts to check fit.

None of my bikes have thru axlesm but they're not MX bikes As a kid I recall pulling up on my bars to jump a curb and having the front wheel come out. Saw it happen to friends too, but we were small, were going pretty slow, and when we fell we bounced. Today, I'd probably break a hip and it would be the end. With a motor and higher speeds, we need to be careful.

I hope you have torque arms for that front motor. What you have doesn't have a lot of clamping surface for the axle nuts.

Did you get the good washers? They look like this. The tab fits in the slot and helps keep the axle from rotating. I have it backward in the picture.
My home depot didn't have 14 mm anything. Yours may be bigger, this is only a 2 million person market.
And if one is double nutting, or clamping down a fender basket or battery mount to the axle, the second nut has nothing to do with how the front axle is secured to the fork. Single nuts lead to repair stops on 30 mile commutes to stop the tire from scraping. Locktighting the nut on the axle is a nogo on the cable side of the axle where you can't use a torch to release it.
I made my own torque arm with bed leg scrap, a drill, and rotary file for the oblong holes.
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