Ebike with Amazon Alexa built in.


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So it seems we are coming back around to the days when people rode horses that worked via voice commands? They would even trot off and get help if you got in trouble, at least the smart ones like Trigger would anyway.

Personally I like as little contact with the digital world as possible when I am riding my bikes. I even use maps still.


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I kinda like the idea of not having to stop to look at a map or pull out the phone for directions. Also thinking I could turn up the heat on my hot tub and order Uber Eats on the ride home.

Bruce Arnold

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Well that's interesting. I can see how it would appeal to the kind of guy who puts a laptop in his backpack and thinks he's ready for a wilderness hike.


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Accessing Alexa as an info source (nav or music) is easy. You can already do that with an app on your phone, can’t you?

Controlling bike functions is another matter. It’s similar to smart home stuff, but you’d need special hardware. Maybe someone could do something with Arduino or Rasberry Pi. I know some people who would benefit from voice control, because of issues with their hands or with taking their eyes off the road for too long. “Alexa, increase pedal-assist level.”