ebikemotion app is doubling the rpm's and vertical feet


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I got my 2019 M30 on clearance at Mike's bike the other day and have commuted 4 days into San Francisco this last week. So far, the bike is great. Before I would commute twice a week in order not to get exhausted fighting the wind on the way home in the afternoon. Now I get a little bit of assist and that is all I needed.

I am still evaluating my motor settings. This week I used 20%/40%/60% and still have 61% battery left after riding a total of 128 miles those 4 days.

My question is whether other people have been using the ebikemotion app to track activities. I have been looking at my activity details and the one thing that does not seem right is how it tracks rpm (cadence) and feet ascended or descended. The app invariably tells me that my max cadence was 250 rpm and my average around 150. That is double what I think the numbers should be. Same for elevation gain. That looks doubled, too. Is anybody seeing the same thing?


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Yes, it's reading the same as all other Gain owners, always has done. And you're right in assuming it is approximately twice as much. Enjoy your new friend.


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I believe the recorded cadence is not the cranks but the rear hub.

As for elevation gain, on the two rides I did, Wahoo, Strava, and the EBike app all agreed within a pretty typical margin of error.