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The problem I am trying to solve is I want to mount this light not on my handlebars (there really isn't any room left in the cockpit, and lights mounted there tend to illuminate the handlebar roll or handlebar bag) but on the cheesy front rack. That is the big reason I use a GoPro mount on my helmet for the L&M Trail.

What I think I need is to either modify the bracket that the existing light attaches to or possibly order or make a new bracket to mount the new lights. Both the Seca and the Buster can probably get away with modifying the existing bracket, although with the Seca I'll want to mount the light far forward so I can get at the switch on the top that sets the brightness of the light (the Buster has a remote and I can squeeze it onto the handlebars I think/hope). For the Sixpack I'll need to get access to a machine shop to make a decent mounting bracket (I'm envisioning one that puts the light to the side and uses the existing front clip on the light and also uses a big rubber band to strap the light in place).


One of the few redeeming features of the Charger front rack is that there are three mounting points for lights. If I went with the Seca I'd replace the cheesy existing light, but if I go with the Buster or Sixpack I'll want a separate mounting point and still keep that cheesy front light. I plan that for most of my riding I will ride without the Buster or Sixpack attached.
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i just bought this 36 to 90v version fisher fab light from luna cycle,
and this light is insane, very nice spread of the light, almost like a square shape with soft edge,
used it on 2900 lumens setting for like 12 miles, the battery was at 58.5v when i plugged in the light, and after 12 miles the battery voltage was 57.2v...i think its good right???