Electronic Shifting Options--any advice, experience?


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OK, bit I see it being closer to $3,000 with all required parts, correct me if I am wrong.
Necessary parts:
Anyone in NJ/NJ done this to try before I buy?

Or do I fly to California to Cycle Monkey first?
Read the info, left CycleMonkey an e-mail, no response.
IF one were to consider this modification, is that company the only option, being on the West Coast, etc., etc., etc.?


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So, Charlie from Cycle Monkey answered my inquiry as to the anticipated cost for this on my Super Commuter. He states around $3,000.
Hey Charlie, is there anyplace here on the East Coast that has this system installed for me to try it out before I even consider plunking down $3k +/-???
I'm all for the excitement, pleasure, all the positive aspects but again, Judge Judy would tell me, "Did you ask all the questions first? Did you ask to see a completed conversion? Did you have the opportunity to test it before your did it?"
So, I'm asking.
Anyone see this, do this, opinions?


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My wife's Gazelle has an 8 speed nexus IGH and I have to say I'm quite jealous as she breezes through gear changes while I concentrate on derailleur shifting constantly. The need to relax pedal pressure for shifts under load is still there though, that's the only thing she struggles with. I wince every time I hear a mashed gear change from her bike but fortunately that's not very often