Embarrassed dog...


that's no class 1 ebike ! it did sound a little bit like an Elizabethan era argument at first, then digressed to ugly- sort of sounded like Dwight Shruute - let's figure out where in Pennsylvania!
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Is this for real? I guess we don't know what he was doing to provoke her to act like that I'm assuming nothing out of the ordinary. That's too bad it's a kill joy for your ride.
I wonder about that "ebike". The rider is right on about the law, his particular ebike looks like a motor scooter with pedals though. The Q factor makes it almost impossible to pedal those scooters and it could very well be over the 100 pound limit required to be a legal ebike. I too wonder what happened prior to the start of the video. Only the dog comes off looking reasonable in this confrontation:oops:
I can't tell what the guy is riding but even if it was something not allowed on the path, I don't think the woman should attempt to enforce the law (as she sees it). I would think the proper response, if she felt like confronting the man at all, would be to tell him she was going to report him, and then call the police. (I think she might (should) get in trouble for calling 911 to report someone on a pathway on an illegal vehicle though.) Even if she was right, her actions were wrong, in my opinion.

I agree, neither person comes off well in this video, but I'd have probably done more or less what the man did if I were in a similar circumstance, hopefully, a little less confrontationally. Maybe I'd have told her to call the cops if she thought I was doing something illegal.

Again, I couldn't tell what he was riding, but this kind of attitude about ebikes worries me. I haven't run into it where I ride, fortunately. At least not directly. I think some analog riders ride by me without nodding hello, or with their noses in the air, but that's the extent of what I've encountered. Oh yeah, one guy didn't want my help with his flat tire, I think because of the battery on my bike. <shrug>



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Electric scooter on a bike path? Gonna get grief from most everyone.
I was commuting home on my MUP last week and along come two gas-powered mopeds (no pedals). A man and a woman who were riding reasonably slow. My initial reaction is "get those things off of here" but then I reflect on the fact I was riding my class 3 e-bike and perhaps that makes me a hypocrite. The MUP is posted "no motorized vehicles" and these signs went up before e-bikes were a thing.

I posted this conundrum in another thread where a guy on a gas-powered bike conversion kit thingy pulled out in front of me (without looking) in a bike lane leaving me to trail him and his spewing exhaust and cigarette smoke (yes, he was smoking and not pedaling). Am I hypocritical to want the guy out of my bike lane when I'm on a class 3 e-bike when probably all cyclists of regular bikes want me out of their bike lane?


This is a good, germane, post written in an informative but humorous style, on the topic of - the more your e-Bike looks like a bike, and less like a scooter - the less LEO attention/Citizen crap you'll attract... https://www.electricbike.com/electric-bike-law/

1. "At this point I would like to quote what electric bike legend Liveforphysics said when it comes to ebike law:It’s an ebike if you can ride it past a cop and not get stopped.” This is real wisdom, and there is a lot of sense in this short and sweet sentence." (the rough-looking prototype)


2. "Here is an example of a trouble maker. He got all these tickets because of the sinister way he presents himself on that green “electric bike”." (green scooter bike)


3. "Here is an examples of a “Good” presentation.
This woman has serious promise to ride by scott free… even if she is not wearing a helmet, even if she is obviously riding an electric bike. As long as she obeys the traffic laws she should have no problem." (Little old lady...)


4. "Ebikes that look like motorcycles (such as Vespa style scooters with pedals) WILL get you pulled over.
If it looks like it needs registration and tags…a cop will assume you are riding it illegally without them"

BTW ridiculously bad Q Factor on this... Maybe the pedals are intended to be "curb feelers" (Remember those you old guys and gals?!?!).


...Ride On!

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Here's a tip from your favorite psychology professor, Dr. Washington:
If this scenario ever happens to you, do the following:
Step 1: Stop and humbly dismount the bike
Step 2: With utmost conviction in your voice, say the following: "Golly, I had no idea I was breaking the law. I'm terribly sorry."
Step 3: Walk the "bike" around the woman and her companion.
Step 4: Once you are on the other side of the woman, mount the "bike". . .open the throttle and GO! The dog doesn't look like much of a "chaser" so, at this point, you should be clear. Don't forget to "pedal" and keep in under 20mph.
Optional: Look back, smile, wave and say the following: "Thanks again and have a fantastic day".
Problem solved!

If you think this solution might bruise your ego. . . distract your thoughts by imaging your life as that dog. . . yeah, that's what I said.

The only downside: you probably won't get as many Youtube "hits". . . There's always a price.

After 35 years of marriage, these steps become almost reflex.