Enduro geared hub motor.


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Just completed a long conversation with new owner of electroride@gmail.com website. Appears to be the same website.
tried to buy a 12t enduro hubmotor from that website. It is listed on the website as being suitable for pedicabs. He refunded my money, said enduro was unsuitable for 310 lb gross weight cargo bike using 48 v battery. 310 lb includes me on the bike plus supplies & battery. He won't sell me a 10t either. 36 v battery only. He suggested crystallyte motor, which is direct drive. Of course direct drive drags when riding with a dead battery, which negates my desire to ride to a party 50 miles away with a 15 AH battery. (no outdoor electricity available there).
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Wonder how they recommend the motor for a Pedicab, which is going to have three adults. if it can't pull you along with 100 pounds? You must have talked about hills.