Enormously Useful, Surprisingly Smaller: Tern Launches the HSD

claire martinez

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Today, micro-mobility specialist and innovative ebike company, Tern Bicycles is announcing their latest ebike line – the HSD, an urban ebike that is mini but mighty.

At only 170 cm long, the HSD is shorter than a standard bike but comes equipped with serious hauling capacity with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 374 lbs. Designed to carry more, the HSD can help out with transporting weekly groceries, school drop-off, daily commuting, and even hauling a weekend’s worth of camping gear. The HSD gets its genes for strength and durability from its older brother, the GSD.

Whether riding, storing, or moving it around, the HSD is much easier to handle and provides riders a smooth ride with its longer wheelbase and low center of gravity. Tern will be showcasing the HSD for the first time ever at the Urban Mobility Media Days in Frankfurt, Germany on July 10 and 11.

This new ebike lineup includes three different models: HSD P9 starting at $3,099, HSD S8i starting at $3,699, and HSD S+ starting at $4,999. Across the three bike models comes a variety of eight different color offerings including Shake Polish, Blue, Red, Limon, Matte Black, Tundra, Dune, and Tarragon.

For more information, visit: https://www.ternbicycles.com/hsd and https://www.urban-mediadays.com.



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Looks intriguing. Given the urban target I guess a dual battery option wouldn't really be a priority option. Love the belt drive option.


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They should add the belt drive to their Vektron and GSD models and then we'll have some appealing choices. I like the folding S10 but don't like anything to do with the chain. Add a belt...are they listening I wonder!

Chris Nolte

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You won’t see a belt drive GSD or Vektron in 2020. I believe most of the 2020 updates have been released already. Some brands haven’t yet released their info, but Tern has at Eurobike and we covered all of the changes in the below video.