Error 13

Code 13 is a communication error. Usually resolved by cleaning the contacts on the display and cradle. Check the contacts on the display itself to make sure they spring back out by pressing in with your fingernail and seeing that they come back out. Another thing to check is the connection for the display wire. Unscrew the lock ring and unplug, re-plug and secure the locking ring. Most times this will resolve the issue. On occasion the cradle will need replacement, checking the color of the contacts on the cradle will be either gold or silver colored. The silver colored contact cradles on occasion will have an internal connectivity issue the newer gold contacts are generally less prone to issues. Finally the firmware version is set at the factory and contained in the display itself. Easy motion has three generations to date of the side mount displays. Gen one has rubber covered buttons and a circular speed indication, gen two same buttons with large digital speed display. Gen three is with flat plastic buttons and noticeable detent in the buttons. Gen 1&2 are available in black and white and gen 3 black only. Additionally the center display can be retrofitted to all side display models the thumb pad replaces the display in the side mount cradle. Lastly the person above wondering about a code 5 is motor error. Run the diagnostic tool at an authorized dealer such as us, and double confirm by sistering a known good motor. On occasion a false positive code 5 can result from a controller issue....Note to all users Code 13 is one of the most common errors but the majority of solutions is to clean and reseat. Do not overtighted the cradle it should be able to rotate with a small effort to change position for glare, overtightening will distort and cause contact connection issues. Thanks for your attention and enjoy riding my personal favorite brand.
One last thing cleaning does not mean using any solvent a clean rag (shirt tail) is usually sufficient or a pencil eraser for stubborn corrosion.