Eurobike 2018: Stromer ST3 ahead!


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Any idea if suspension forks will be available for the ST3?
You'll find further information in the 2019 accessories list which I've posted some weeks ago.

Nethertheless, I strongly recommend a extended test ride on the ST5 / ST3; the 27½" with the Pirelli are really different from all you know about Stromer.
I know, I know, but living here in Canada I have yet to SEE a ST5 never mind being able to test ride one! ST3.. its going to be a while before we starting seeing these over here. Thanks for your feed back. I'll check out your list.. I'll have to try and find it first.


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How about reliability!? I have had issues with every bike . I have been treated very well so far but I would rather ride my bike than see the shop so much. I would like to buy an extended warranty but Stromer wont sell one.
Yes, I admit there have been issues. I've had my Stromer for " a year".. I say a year but really I've had two bikes within that time. I did have some really strange issues from my first bike and finally we all threw our hands up in the air and Stromer (straight from HQ apparently) gave me a new bike. Joel then still in the US was great as was the Head Office.

I'm hoping that with new management and the change of production venues, the quality control gremlins can be taken care of.


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The front view:

Typical Stromer smile, British Racing Green, "cubicle" lighting, "Stromer" badge.

But it's real face shows this ST3 only from behind:

666 - the number of the beast (did you ever attend an Iron Maiden concert?).

I could only take the ST3 for two short rides, here the outcome:

OK, Brooks saddle is fine. But the Brooks Ergon handle grips are just a mass product. From the riders position, the handlebar looks better than from beside. This Roxim has the best shaped housing since Roxim has come to Stromer. Having horn and power / light buttons on the same side is a pain (but mandatory by EU law for motorcycles because of the clutch). The Pirelli are fine and providing good suspension.


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This week, we've started a long-time test of the current ST3.

It's the 20" in black. In advance, here a comparison-"chart" of the ST3 headlight. In the upper row, you see low beam and high beam pictures as the came out of the camera. The distance to the forest is 125 m, to the fence approximate the half. The angle between the light and the landscape is not 90º. The lower row shows, how the impression of the light might be whilst riding. As you know, the impression depends also how your eyes are adapted to the dark.