Evelo Aurora 2018 750w


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I know the hype for the Aurora at the moment is all geared to the new Limited Edition but I recently purchased, a little over month ago actually, a 2018 fully loaded version with just 84 miles on it.

I had been interested in the Evelo ebikes after doing much research and viewed them as great value for the money. I really had my heart set on ordering the Limited version and by happen chance saw the fully loaded on Ebay for local pick up only which, as luck would have it, was very close to me. I got outbid by a long shot but the high bidder had 0 feedback and was not able to complete purchase. I decided to make contact with seller and we talked and settled on $1700 cash, which btw was way under the Ebay high bid. I didn’t hesitate. As it turns out the seller is one of Evelos local reps/repair/assembler who had both a 2018 white and black Evelo Aurora for interested parties to try out. I bought the black. It’s nice knowing if I have issues I can get advice and repairs done locally.

In the month or so time I’ve had it I’ve put on little over 200 miles on it. Local terrain is relatively flat but took it to camp in the Adirondacks where I could check out more hilly areas. The 750 watt motor has proved to be more than adequate with only the steepest grades on full pedal assist challenging the Auroa, but these are the same hills where I would end up walking my regular bike up the hill, well years ago I would, at 58 that’s not happening anymore.

I’m a fair weather biker so when I got the Aurora I knew I would take off the fenders off, and I wasn’t too impressed with them anyhow. I had to re-wire and zip tie the back/brake light to the rack because mine was the version where it was attached to underside of the rear fender. I also changed out the tires to my favorites, Maxxis Holy Rollers. Love em’. Also added seat post shock thingy and old guy comfy seat.

For my local mostly flat terrain riding I use the bike in the fully automatic mode and it’s a dream. I for one really appreciate the shiftless CVT on this bike and love the fact I’m not constantly fiddling with upshifting and downshifting levers. Don’t miss ‘em one bit. I look forward to riding this bike every chance I get…..I really like it that much.


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I have an Aurora Fully Loaded and I just ordered their Aurora Limited Edition. On the Fully Loaded, I can easily out climb any 20 year old on a carbon fiber bike and I am 75+. Need I say more. The CVT and the 750W Bafang Motor work like a charm.

The Limited Edition has a DAPU MD250 motor with a gates carbon drive.... the motor, according to Evelo, is modified to 750/1000W @110NM

here is my comments on the Fully Loaded https://electricbikereview.com/evelo/aurora/

FYI - I plan selling my Fully Loaded if the LE is better