Evelo customer service

Jerry LM

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Just want to give a shout out to the people at Evelo customer service, this company is definitely going all out to help answer questions and responds to email, and phone calls quick!
I am thinking after months of looking, the Evelo Aurora is the bike I am going to purchase, it hits all the marks for what I am looking for, but during my search I have contacted them on several occasions and the response has been outstanding. Was contacted by phone and had a nice long conversation about the bikes options etc. and the return policy of this company is second to none. They will even cover return shipping if the bike doesn't meet your satisfaction! This is really going above and beyond. They don't try and charge restocking fees and offer a full refund. I feel they have a great deal of confidence in their product or they would not be doing this.
So wanted to give them a high mark for service, if the bike is as good I will be very happy indeed!

Al P

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Yes, they do have excellent CS. I see that they have raised the motor power from 250w to 500w or 750 w. They must have had many more complaints than mine regarding the hill climbing ability of the 250w motor. I wish mine had 500w, but I get along pretty well with the smaller motor. The bike is very comfortable to ride, and I added a suspension seat post for an even better ride. I'm sure you will like it.