Evelo Luna vs. Blix Komfort+

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    My wife and I are both 67 and will be riding in the semi-bike-friendly environs of Boston and Brookline. Some local hills present challenges for our bad knees, thus our interest in ebikes as opposed to the 15 year-old city bikes we're riding now. Considering Evelo Luna (http://www.evelo.com/electric-bicycles/luna/) and the Blix Komfort+ (http://blixbike.com/products/komfortplus). We're newbies, so welcome any and all counsel you can provide. Thanks!

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    I am from Wayland and bought an Aries last June. I ride between 50 and 100 miles a week. I took time getting used to the Nuvinci transmission but like it now (I think). I seem to not change gears very often however. I am not loving the disk brakes as they have needed adjustment three times already and I have just under 500 miles on the bike. I am not mechanically inclined and so these adjustments are a real pain. I am 60 and find a great health benefit to riding the ebikes. This is my second. Just thought that I would say hello.
  4. Bill Mitchell

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    Thanks, James. Our purchase is on hold for a bit but may be back to you before we buy. Will look at the Aires in the meantime.
  5. The Blix Komfort+ is by far the better e-bike in terms of quality, design, and especially weight, and battery options. Plus its price point is much better. The Luna now sells for $2500 new, with their NuVinci hub. Have had both Evelo's and Blix's in my rental fleet. (For Evelo's have the Aurora, Luna, and Aries). The Luna's have been especially problematic with stripped internals on the mid-drives, to cracked chain guards, to loose wiring connections, all in less than a few hundred miles. The battery gets stuck often in its rack, and the rubber cover over the charge port will be gone in a few weeks, as it falls off, or gets caught when removing the battery. Worthless to even have that cover, unless you want to put electric tape over from the get go. The Luna is also a very weak motor drive with the 250watt motor, and not very responsive. It weighs 68 lbs. and the battery over the rear wheel makes it very top heavy and tippy. Not good when steering through various sidewalks or inclines if you are on the road, and need to make a move to avoid traffic. By comparison, The Blix Komfort+ weighs only 49 lbs, and its very well balanced with the battery centered in the middle behind the seat. The battery is larger at 11AH, and there is an option to go to 17AH, and the Komfort will still be less than the Luna. Also, it has a much better quality motor, and its powerful for a 350 watt. The build quality on the frame, the tires, the rims, the brakes, are all better quality than the Luna. Plus Blix' parent company has been around longer, and is the number 1 selling brand in Scandinavian countries, where they have been e-biking way longer than we have here in the US. E-bikes are used more often, and for longer and more frequent trips in Europe since they use them often as primary transportation and commuting, vs here in the US, where they are just catching on, and more used for recreation. You'll also be better off in the long run, buying from a local e-bike dealer, which Evelo does not sell through dealers. Blix does, and they do sell on line too, but you'll get support from any dealer as well. I personally found Blix as a company to be more responsive and customer friendly than Evelo. Evelo tries hard, but they have to, because they have no localized support. And you better be mechanically inclined, bc you'll be doing all your own labor if they send you any parts for any warranty situation. If you road and liked the Komfort+, you should also consider their Aveny. Very similar, but a few more features. I still own 4 Evelo's by the way, most with less than 300 miles on them. They are in like new shape. People try them but usually prefer other brands and models, especially the Blix brand, when doing side by side test rides.
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    I have no experience with the Luna, but I have been riding my Evelo Aurora with the Nuvinci 360 for two years, and after 1900 miles, have not experienced any of the issues mentioned above. The 250w motor is slightly underpowered for steep hills and I would recommend the 500w option. Other than that, I have found the bike to be well-made and very comfortable to ride. It also has a step-thru frame like the Luna. They offer the Aurora in two sizes. The Aries is basically the same bike without the step-thru frame.

    I have found the company to be very responsive. They will send you parts under warranty if you are able to do the repair. If not, they will arrange for a LBS to handle the repair at no charge to you.
  7. Good that you have had a decent experience. I own 10 Evelo's, including the Luna's, Aurora's (both 250 and 500 watt), and Aries. The best test of reliability, and maintenance, is to put them in a rental fleet. Done that for 2 seasons now, and as well have other brands to compare. They are just really heavy e-bikes, with rather mediocre components, and rather old style metal frames that have been around in Asia for a number of years. These same Aurora's (Evelo's) are sold under the Aseako brand, and can be bought for $1400 (USD) new in other countries. So for what you are getting, there are just a lot better other brands for less money, more reliable, better and newer frame styles, much lighter yet with better structural rigidity, and components that don't wear down or are as fragile as those found on the Evelo's. In other brands like Blix more of the money is actually going into the design, and more reliable components, better quality batteries, better battery management controls, LCD's, etc. than into marketing, overhead, G&A, distribution and profit. If I just bought a single one of these, and just had that to compare to, I'd likely too want to defend my purchase and expense. But since I have owned several brands, and ridden more than 40 different brands/models, and seen first hand what it takes to keep these maintained in regular every day use, it puts my experience in a more objective position. Evelo is really just a marketing and distribution arm, not a true designer or engineer of the ebikes. They choose what is available from a contract manufacturer, maybe spec out a few certain components they want on the ebike, and then bring them here to the US to distribute direct on line. Nothing wrong with that, but just realize that its a lot to pay for a rather mediocre and old and heavy ebike design versus other true e-bike designers that have an engineering team, R&D, and are continually investing in better product. There are other firms that have that same/similar distribution model as Evelo, such as M2S, Shocke, and even Magnum, as you can find their same designs from a number of contract manufacturers in Asia (just look on Alibaba.com). They often start out as Kickstarter, or Indiegogo, to raise money for an ebike thats already an older design on the Asian market, claiming new development, when in reality its just white labeled standard product. That up front money allows them to then buy the Minimum Order Quantity these contract manufacturers want up front, before they begin sourcing and assembly. So not a really 'new design' of an ebike, but rather a marketing pitch, where individuals become sort of their VC funder. Reduces their capital risk, and they can shut down or go out of business at any time, re-appearing under a new company name. Hopefully Evelo will succeed and stay in business.
  8. Alex M

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    Bill, this is some odd choice to compare. Other than step-through frame, Evelo Luna and Blix appear to be very different bikes.
    250W for hilly terrain will be a pain. Especially when US bylaws allow +500W.

    I tend to agree with Mike - other than NuVinci transmission, there isn't much to justify $2,500 price for Evelo in basic configuration. You can get similar assemblies for under $1,500 if you're OK without NuVinci :).
    Check Upzy online store: https://www.upzy.com/collections/rigid-frame-electric-bikes/1000-2000+x-treme-scooters
  9. The other problems with these Evelo Aurora's include really weak kickstands, that break into two, or twist and collide with your foot, or bend in the middle, so the bike easily falls over (problem with top heavy battery over wheel design), and the battery casings are very prone to leak, so whatever you do, avoid all water and rain on any Evelo. The casing is really flimsy, and have had one crack, and if you ever have to take apart the battery housing you can forget about being able to get it back together again, since the very cheap clips, that hold the screws, will bend and mis-align, rendering the case useless. Also the battery cord on the back of the battery, that removes when you need to lift out the battery does not stay in very tight, and if you just barely hit it when lifting your leg to get on the bike it just falls right out. Also will fall out if riding on rough trails, so be prepared to duct tape it to stay on. Soooo attractive to use duct tape to hold the battery cord into the battery. Who uses a cord like that anyway ?? To boot, they want an absurd $550 for just this plastic casing with batteries slapped inside, for just 36V10AH, and then freaking $1200 for a 48 V, 14.5 AH battery. By comparison, you can get a much better quality metal casing, and 17 AH Panasonic battery from Blix for ONLY $660. Its sort of sad to see how many poorly designed parts are on this brand of ebike. I mean its stuff you might expect to see on a $999 ebike. Not on a $3400 ebike like the Evelo costs. or $2400 for a luna. Also, when it was caught in a rain storm on a return trip, in the back of a truck, less than a day later every single allen screw, showed immediate rust in the head, and rust around many other bolts. So clearly no stainless steel or chromed parts here, or even the most modest amount of rust protection. Again very low quality chinese parts on this brand of e-bikes. Bike Parts should not rust that quickly after only once getting wet. Maybe on a walmart big box Huffy brand bike you pay $200 for, but not a $2500 to $3500 ebike. Come on man. Something is very wrong here.
  10. Alex M

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    What's wrong with Evelo is price. For $2,000-2,500 one can do better than that. Quite a few step-through cruisers out there.

    Blix Komfort is a cross-over between cruiser and commuter, skinn-er tires, no suspension.
    Biktrix Stunner with 500W mid-drive and IGH "transmission" looks nice, though it's Canadian, online only (or ship to dealer if there any in NY).
    EG Maui with 500W hub drive doesn't look bad too, don't know what shop owners would have to say about it ;)
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    Sorry you have had such a bad experience with Evelo Mike. I have to say, I have had none if the issues you mentioned, and my bike is two years old. :confused:
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