Evo street pro throttle

The manual that came with my 2018 evo street pro says that to engage (activate? Something...) the throttle, the + needs to be held down for 2 seconds. Assuming that pedal assist is turned off, I guess. But pushing the + only turns the pedal assist back on.

So then, if i want to ride the bike with no pedal assist, that means i need to be aware that the throttle twist on the handle bar will engage the throttle without any 2 second push on the +. Which is fine, i guess, but is contrary to what the book says.

So...either the book is wrong or the bike is not working as expected. My guess is that the manual is out of date. Input, anyone?

Great bike, not so great documentation?
Your bike is working correctly. I will have to look at the manual tomorrow when I'm at the shop. Been years since I looked at one I forget sometimes that may be the only guidance a customer has sometimes. If it seems unclear or incorrect I will let BH know so they can make a revision on the next printing. Easy Motion does provide a pretty good owners manual with their bikes which is nice to see since many makes come with little or nothing, however like anything made by humans it is not perfect. They are really responsive on technical issues since I see suggested changes implemented usually the following year of manufacture, hopefully the documentation will follow that same course. You picked one of my personal favorite brands I hope you find a lot of enjoyment with your new bike.