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    The beast and the beautiful, dream eBikes.

    M-1 as seen at Interbike 2013
    And a German Rotwild that for almost 4 years ago looks up to snuff w/ today's models.

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    I am not much in to the whole e MTB thing but I do appreciate nice bikes: http://ebike-mtb.com/en/e-mountainbike-highlights-2018-eurobike-media-days/

    The one thing I noticed is that a few of the companies are using a b+ rear wheel and a 29" front wheel which is my preferred setup on my mtb and has been for awhile.


    I like the grip and give of the fat rear tire and a narrower tire on a wideish rim up front at a similar low psi provides very precise steering. Too big a front tire at a low psi has to much contact area and tends to grab and self steer too much for my talents. I don't go all that fast downhill any more but that 180mm travel Fantic makes me want to.