Experience Using BionX on Two Bikes

Discussion in 'BionX Forum' started by Jim Z, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Jim Z

    Jim Z New Member

    Has anyone used their BionX kit on different bikes. I wanted to if it was any hassle switching out the BionX from one bike to another? I am getting a BionX D500 kit primarily for our tandem but would like to occasionally use it on my wife's solo bike. Both bikes have 26" wheelsets and identical axle spacing. Let me know your experiences! Thanks


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  3. supramax

    supramax Member

    I'm actually considering a D500 kit, but I have been informed by BionX that it is only warranted if it's installed by one of their dealers.
  4. Irv

    Irv New Member

    I've had the kit on two bikes, mainly because I first installed on a bike I had then bought a new bike for it. Having done that, if I were to switch back and forth I'd buy a second battery mount and controller. Cost would be about $250 but swapping would then only involve swapping the wheel and cassette if drives are not compatible since both bikes would already be wired. If you have disc brakes you would want the alignment to be the same between the motorized wheel and the conventional wheel, you can do that with shims on one or the other.