Experience with these eBay air forks?


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wanted to put an air fork on my bagibike and the shop cannot source one, the only ones they found to fit are these brands on eBay

if anyone has any feedback on thes/the quality that would be great



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I will check but doubting they have this weird measurement step through fork,will post back here either way


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I bought it from AliExpress.

Yes, I do have a personal experience with Bolany.

Honestly for the price, the quality is impressive.
It is much better and whole a lot lighter than the spring fork (SR Suntour NEX) I had.

The good:
The Bolany fork is light and absorbs shock very well. I'm very happy with the performance, great price. Wish they had thru axle option for straight tube bikes.

The bad.
I don't know if it's bad, since rigidity does not equal strength, but I noticed that it does flex during hard braking, but I noticed this with other fork and even original rigid fork I had, so I think it's normal.
The other thing is that, every once in a while, I have to tighten nuts and bolts on top of fork tube (where adjustment and air valve are), after a while, they become loose, it's not bad and probably a normal thing since I do ride on rough surface sometimes.

The Bolany fork is very similar to other forks sold on AliExpress, probably all come from the same manufacture.
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thanks for the info timpo

BTfl i dont think just any 26 inch fork will fit, the top on the step thrus is long and it has to meet certain dimensions

will see if i can find the specs and post them