Extra Headlight

Just added an accessory bar to my front fork and an extra head beam to my bike for night commutes.
I saw a lot of OEM bikes have lights mounted in the same location.
Not sure if the lamp can handle that kind of shock but I will find out.
Going out for my first ride with the extra light now.
So far so good, the light feels like it is made of good quality, but since it is a cheap led light, so I am not expecting much.
The light was $18 delivered, and states 8000 lumens, and no brand. I guess Chinese generic brand.
It is much brighter than my 1000 lumen name brand flashlight, so I at least know it is more than 1000 lumens.
It is definitely worth the money (if it last for a while) as the battery pack is made up of 4 18650 batteries.

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