Faraday fiasco

Faraday sold bikes in Spain for a short while and I bought one in 2018, As they no longer support their bikes in Europe I thought I would share as this may be very helpful for anyone upgrading or modifying their bike, so the battery went bad in the first month, as Faraday wanted $800 to ship a new one I decided to rebuild the battery locally, so your warned the battery is not standard it has a chip in the end and that was the issue as the cells were good, Yaa project - I will replace the nonstandard battery and the controller, the three speed switch was replaced with a throttle as it also didn’t work with a reg system either. I mounted the new Battery and controller in a leather bag on the crossbar and it looks fantastic. I was very happy as it all worked until I got on it, haha the motor shut down under power, so tried 2 more controllers from different manufacturers, first didn’t turn on second no power. The only part I haven’t replaced is the motor, and yes EVERY single part on the Faraday is non standard including the Cree led in the headlight, yes I blew that also. So the motor must have some funky stuff in it, as every sensorless controller I have tried will not work, I have spent more than the $800 but I do have a 36v 350w setup that will power the bike 10x further and faster than the standard. In conclusion I used topbikekit who ship in 3 days to purchase 2 controllers $24, and then do the watertight press fit connectors, hub motor $85, throttle $5 speed, pas I got my battery locally but they also do them. As tax is 30-40% it does add up. I am glad I had to do it as it is done now and I don’t have to find out propriety parts later. oh and I now have a digital display, 5 speeds, motor breaking cutoff.
Don’t get me wrong, it is a fantastic bike with some great components but the electronics are a nightmare, I am posting this as I couldn’t find any help anywhere on the replacement of the components and had to work this out very slowly by trial and error – mostly error
Hope it helps someone



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Faraday went broke news reports say. Perhaps with these proprietary parts this was justified. They had some uniquely minimal e-bikes that covered fans of the tiny. Bionx is another brand with proprietary IC's in their battery.
Glad your bike is running now with the standard stuff. I had to waste $300 buying junk batteries before I found one that worked (at 2.2 X the price of the junk ones).