Fat Bike W/ BBSHD updates

I've posted in various threads but wanted to organize all my information into one place.

My build:
Night Train Bullet Fat bike http://tinyurl.com/nfkmecf
BBSHD 1000W mid drive http://tinyurl.com/o64saa7
-options I chose: left thumb throttle, C963 display, 42 tooth black bling ring, and 52 V, 13.5 amp dolphin pack battery
Front Light SuperNova E3 E bike V1260 http://tinyurl.com/o67bcdg
Rear Light http://tinyurl.com/p6kltz2
Rear Rack Axiom Fatliner http://tinyurl.com/nhoddfg
Front and Rear fender: http://beaverguardfatbike.com/
I need an all weather pannier bag haven't decided on one yet. Considering Topeak http://tinyurl.com/gkoqfez Anyone have experience with this one????
Also need help picking out new grips considering
http://tinyurl.com/j34lgfn but would love to hear others suggestions?

I travel about 16 miles to work all on a bike path here in Denver. Right now some of the path is covered with hard packed snow/ice. The fat tire does an amazing job eating through it while keeping the wheel straight. The picture below is my fastest time.

I ride in Pedal assist 5 and use the throttle combined with pedaling on big hills. I'm almost at an average speed of 25 mph.

I would highly recommend going tubeless on a fat bike or any bike for that matter. Less weight and no flats. With a fat tire on a heavy bike I pick up lots of thorns but the sealant keeps the tires from ever going flat especially at the high speeds of an electric bike.

Last night on the way home I used the throttle with pedaling for a lot of the ride and a head wind and the battery symbol on my display was flashing just I was getting close to my house. When I stop using the throttle the battery level goes back up a little bit. It didn't run out but I think it was close. My range then is around 17 miles when using pedal assist 5/throttle/ and climbing hills wind etc.

Something that I enjoy about this specific bike is the internally wired front derailleur cable that I was able to remove and wire my supernova lights through the frame making for a much cleaner look. The bike also had extra space and clip mounts to run the main display cable along the downtube so I purchased these clips making it look more like a production bike http://tinyurl.com/pu6js9g

My top speed so far is 52 kph/32 mph that's on a downhill throttle and pedaling
Not sure on weight since I don't have a scale. I do live on the top floor of a 3 story apt and when I get back to the apt if I'm tired I will slowly and carefully use the throttle on the steps to walk the bike up. So far that has worked pretty well. The big tires hardly ever spins out and I just barely use the throttle to walk it.

I will post more pics today after I clean up my battery wires by shortening them and adding anderson clips



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Kado! here, also in Denver. I just bought the Topeak model you're looking at. Haven't used, but I was sold on the quick mount/dismount feature. Needs a Topeak rack for the quick release.

You rock for time/speed. I have a round trip of 18 miles on path and roads, and I take about 40 minutes each way, so you go about twice as fast as me. The cold definitely affects the battery. I can make a round trip on one charge.

My question: What are you wearing to keep warm?

TIA - Kado!
Darm so it prob wont work with my Axiom rear rack will it? Where is your commute to and from? Have you had any other bikers mad at you while you fly pass them without effort? What battery back do you have and what pedal assist level are you using?


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17 miles sounds kinda low, is Assist 5 the highest on your 963 or can you go on up to 9?

though if you`ve climbed 2748 ft and averaged 24.7 mph then it can`t be bad for a 13aH battery.
Hi logan, you have a great built Fat tire bike that is poweful and great looking. I have a lectriccycles bought fat tire bike, 750 w, 13 amp battery. I get 27 mile top speed on flat roads, and about 19 miles on 1 charge, level 5 pas, full throttle. My bike is 3 months old, and I love it. I use slim in tubes to avoid flats from thorns here in California. I have 42t raceface chaining, and have nuvinci hub w/ shift sensor that disengages briefly motor during gear shift. I also added mud guards and new seat, and night rider lights. Happy riding everyone....



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To keep warm:
Pearl Izumi winter pants with a wind resistance front and breathable back
Pearl Izumi shoe covers
Snowboard jacket
Bike sweater with wind resistance front and breathable back
Giro winter gloves
Bula cap w/ giro helmet on when its really cold I wear my snowboard helmet with ski goggles

Today was in the 40s which was nice and I felt a little over dressed.
17 miles sounds kinda low, is Assist 5 the highest on your 963 or can you go on up to 9?

though if you`ve climbed 2748 ft and averaged 24.7 mph then it can`t be bad for a 13aH battery.
I have the C963 and it only has 5 levels of pedal assist. I also have a C965 display that I haven't tried yet.


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Ah ok, you`re on max assist then. Your 963 should give you 9 levels if you alter the menus, it means the power is spread over a wider range.
Ya that's what I was thinking but I'm ok with that I have a C965 if I want to switch I just really like how small and stealthy the c963 I also like have the +/- sign on the display less clutter on my handlebars.
Lovely looking heavy duty commuter you got there Logan. And i think the rear rack is very well matched for size and finish, too bad if you will have to replace it.
With all the climbing and sometimes headwind the battery holds well, just wonder if you don't stress it a little, if it is the Panasonic 3400 mAh cells.
I would think you pull about 20 Amps continuous and sometimes more to go that fast.
Anyway enjoy it to the fullest.


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I've been looking for a rack - how much clearance do you have above the tyre and what are the size of those tyres? Also, how does this rack connect to the rear triangle? Can you make a picture please?
@Adrian I measured from the center of my rear tire to the rack and it is about 2 inches.
Originally the rack stuck way above the tire so I drilled a small hole through the rack so that I could mount it lower. If you look at the amazon link you can see that the rack has these waves things on the bottom. I just took those completely off and put the screws back through the holes so it didn't look too funny.

My tires VEE RUBBER 26X4.5 VRB370 Snow Shoe SBK 120TPI Silica Comp. Light weight

The rack I bought http://tinyurl.com/o4acvwk I actually got it for free because I had to pay shipping when I picked up the package so I filed a claim and they refunded all of it for me on amazon.

The next question is what pannier set to hang off of this. I'm getting sick of carrying a backpack even though I'm sure the aerodynamics is better with it.



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Thanks a lot - I've got those snowshoes too but I prefer my Dillenger 4.0 for my commute. That rack should fit over my fenders then I think.
Ya the tire just came with the bike I do enjoy being tubeless on a daily basis. What fenders do you have? You can always make the rack ride a lot higher especially if you leave those wing plates on. Post pictures when you're done