Fathom E+2 Clicking Noise when Pressing Pedals


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I have a fathom e+ 2 that is making a wierd clicking noise when the pedals are pressed. Both makes the same noise but it is easier to trigger on the right one. It sounds like plastics rubbing with each other, but it is very dissapointing. I have removed the motor cover and the noise was still there. Same for saddle, battery and other components.

The noise was not there the first days, it appears after a couple of rides and washes.

Do you have any similar issue with these motors or bikes?



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The motor works perfecty... and the wash was just with a little of water, no pressure and no soap. Just mentioned in case is relevant.

The click is only under enough pression on the right pedal or a lot of pression on the left one.
Hi KuRi, maybe it is the torque sensor sensing the presure you're putting on the pedal? I have noticed a clicking noise when I have the brakes on and I press on the pedals when the pedal arm is in the 1 to 4 'oclock range (right foot). I have always assumed it is the torque sensor.


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Thank you for your suggestion. However it happens with the motor off and even with the bicycle stopped.

Just making some press on any of the pedals ( enough to make the bike flexes a little) and I can hear a click that does not happen again until you wait for some seconds and press again. Two consecutive presses only clicks once.

Thats why I think it is the motor plastics stretching and expanding but it is very annoying :(


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Sure, i loosened them and then tightened them again to be sure... too much of a coindidence that both were loose...

What about the chain? Have you ever heard of a chain making a click noise under pressure? I am almost sure it comes from the motor zone but dont want to discard any possibility :(
May want to call lbs and ask first. I’m learning more about bikes, but I’ve found that some of my concerns have been mundane.
Could not shift down but could shift up- thought derailleur was broken- was in lowest gear, which I hardly use;
Bike was making horrible squeaking sound every pedal revolution: New bike shoes, rubbing against crank arm.
OTOH, mechanical problems hardly ever fix themselves (I keep hoping) and you don’t want to be stranded.


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I've had that tick... tick... tick... when pedaling several times over the years. In my case it's always been the pedal bearings needing service. It's happened on both expensive and modest pedals. It only takes one small bit of grit to work it's way past the outer seal or cap for it to get noisy. Service is easy. Google "pedal bearing service". Some of the dry limestone trails I ride can play havoc with bearings.


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One more clue: it does not happen when the rides start, only after a few minutes or riding...

What does that say to you? I have checked wheels, brakes, handlebar, chain, pedals, saddle, ... but I am no expert so it could still be one of those things. (I am still thinking that is a cable/plastic thing, but can't go to the LBS until mid week).



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All modes, motor off, all gears. It happens also if I press the front wheel against a wall, and then just trying to start pedaling...

But... this morning I put grease on the cranks (where the cranks joins the "bike", sorry not sure about the english name), and the sound was there but then after some km it totally dissapeared and did not sound again for today's route! What a pleasant route I did (30km of mountain).

I don't think it is solved... but if it something that goes and come back... maybe it is not very important and it is still related to the frame or motor case... who knows :(

Thanks all for the help, any additional ideas are welcome. CheerS!