Has anyone ever ordered from these guys? They offer front wheel drive electric bikes, and, if you also pedal, the bike becomes an all wheel drive ebike.

According to their site:

"This is the ultimate E-bike and the only one of its kind, as you know most E-bikes are either rear wheel drive or center mount drive, rear system. This puts all the torque on the rear and as anyone ever going into the soft terrain like sand, snow, mud or over obstacles like curbs, stairs or logs, they would know front wheel drive torque does it better. So, that’s what we did! With the motor in the front, you can go through almost, if not anything. Also, with rear torque system at top speed when you attempt to turn you easily could dig the wheel in and cause a situation no one wants to be in. With ours, you just power through those turns. Last, you just add a little pedaling and you have an all wheel drive bike and this will go through and over it all."

I'm curious if anyone has had any experience with front wheel drive ebikes?