Fazua in the USA


I have a Trek Domane+ which I love but did notice today that my dealer has the new Cube Agree with the Fazua motor on the floor. It's the top of the line model for 10K but looked very nice. I for one typically ride my Domane+ at 30-60% assist (and turned off on the flats) but would not give up the ability to move at 28 mph through city streets on my way home after a long climb up the mountain--it's too much fun!
The 2020 Trek Domane+ bikes will come in two very different flavors. One with a Bosch motor good for 28mph and one with the Fazua motor, good for 20mph. The Fazua model looks a lot more streamlined but has less range and less top end. Things are heating up in the e-bike wars! Mid-drives, Ebikemotion or Fazua???!!!!

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I suspect Canadians will be waiting a lot longer than that to get Fazua powered bikes in Canada. Heck, we're still waiting for E-motion powered bikes.


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I just spoke with Glory Cycles in Greenville, SC USA, they indicated that the Gain water bottle external battery is ready to be released at a list price of $1,000 - No thanks to that!
Just ordered one from Mike's Bikes. Cost me $600 and they expect delivery in a couple of weeks.


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Hey folks,

Just got an update directly from Fazua.

Expect to see their drives in bikes hitting the US shores in late autumn 2019.