February Spring Fat Bike Ride

Discussion in 'Fat Tire' started by Phaedrus, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Phaedrus

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    I went for a 20 k ride today. First longish outing on my new fat bike.
    I come from a motorcycle background, used to long marathon rides.
    I once rode from North Carolina to Waterloo Ontario in one shot. 15 hours on the bike.

    This bike will be my commuter ( I wear a suit to work) and my weekend explorer.

    First I was was surprised how much exercise I got despite the motor assist.

    Nice and clean before I left

    The Perimeter Institute in Waterloo On Ca

    Our community is getting a new LRT light rail transport

    Once I lowered the tire pressure this bike was really good in the snow. I passed some cross country skiers




    Stopped at my favorite brew pub for lunch and a pint.
    My band Classicplay is playing here on Saturday April 15, 2017

    They built a new train trestle so a main road and the LRT can run under the tracks
    A nice mud hole to test out the fat bike....... no problem



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  3. mrgold35

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    Very nice pics from your ride. We are expecting to hit +70s this week. You have more snow in your pics than we had in over 5 years.

    I've taken several +20 miles weekend rides on my Radrover (furthest being 36 miles) and enjoyed every minute of them. I've only seen about 2-3 fat tire bikes in ABQ, NM, in the last +10 yrs. People still look at my bike like I'm riding a sparkling unicorn and didn't know such animals existed in real life. Are fat tire bikes becoming more popular in your neck of the woods?
  4. Phaedrus

    Phaedrus New Member

    I would say they are becoming more popular as I see them for sale in the bike stores. Have not seen one on the roads much less an e fat bike.
    I hear they are very popular in Western Canada Calgary and BC.

    I predict that bike stores will soon be selling e bikes alongside regular bikes. My local bike store says they are waiting for more conformity with the electrics between manufactures.
    I'm sold on the fat e bike as it takes away the issue of increased weight.
    After I created this thread, I read Courts suggestion to post up thumbnails rather than pics stored elsewhere so in the spirit of that I have added the thumbnail below.
  5. Hugh

    Hugh Active Member

    The bike shops here in Winnipeg are almost all selling fat bikes now. There is even a small winter race series for them, human powered only. I have seen a couple e fat bikes in the stores but other than the one I recently converted to Bafang mid drive , none on the street so far. But there is one fellow that bought a Voltbike 500 watt a couple years ago in Winnipeg. I do have a 700c Bionx roadbike for summer rides in town but am looking forward to exploring the off road areas around Winnipeg on the fat bike. it is an absolute blast to ride.
  6. harryS

    harryS Active Member

    I took off my front motor and its battery. Switched back to Vee Rubber speedster tires. My fatbike lost about 25 pounds. I use a small 3 pound Luna mini battery to power the rear hub motor. I like the feel of the bike a whole lot more. I doubt I'll ever ride in the snow again. Too old. I caught a bug and was sick for a month.

    Put on 12 miles yesterday.. Even cut the PAS to zero and pedaled a bit. It's heavy at 55 pounds, but rolls nice.Went out in a tee shirt and the temperature dropped 30 degrees and it started to rain. Glad I had a sweat shirt on the rack.
  7. SuperGoop

    SuperGoop Active Member

    I was travelling in Ottawa, Ontario, and saw a lot of regular Fat Bikes in the trails/bike paths. I see more fat bikes in the late fall / early spring season. Probably due to the snowy slushy, muddy wet conditions. In the summer, I only see a few fat bikes. I also have the Voltbike Yukon 750 with over 1,100 kms.