Fender recommendations for Turbo (hub drive)


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I have a 2016 Turbo X. Does anyone have recommendations for fenders? I ride enough in the wet over the winter that I want to add fenders once rainy season starts.

Douglas Ruby

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Specialized made (no longer available) a fender set for the 1st gen Turbo's. It required some mods to work on the front fork of the Turbo X. I suggest that you just look at old postings about fenders for Turbo, Turbo X, Turbo S and see what others used. You may have to bend up and drill some L-shaped brackets out of sheet aluminum on the front fork to adapt. Aftermarket rear fenders should work with the mounting tabs on the frame. Whatever you do, you will need fenders designed for 700C x 45 (minimum) and preferably 700C x 50 depending on what tires you use.

Specialized's fenders had an integrated rack with tailight. They are made from aluminum and tend to get bent. I hooked the tailight up on mine so both the seat light and rack light work simultaneously. I have had to pull the whole assembly, straighten and repaint it. Also, the rear fender did not wrap around thye tire enough, so I added a Brooks leather fender flap to mine.