Fiido D1 small compact city foldable bike - my first ebike!


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I was looking for a very compact ebike for city riding. That I could take everywhere with me inside and not worry about leaving the bike on the street.

Basically, ebike to replace the Xiaomi scooter with slightly more power, range and comfort riding.

Found some options
Mate X - looked great but over my budget.
SwagCycle EB-5 Pro - about something I was looking for but with v-brakes, small battery just doesn't seem like quality stuff.

Finally, Fiido D1 seemed like +90% of Mate X for half the price at just under 600$ total with shipping.

Pulled the trigger and when it finally arrived I was blown away beyond all my expectations!

It's a tiny bike that folded fits in a car trunk but unfolds and extends to the size of a proper bike.
Feels just like riding a regular 26inch rocky mountain bike I had. Actually, it's surprisingly soft, feels even more comfortable, softest seat I had on bike pretty much.

10Ah battery last for 30km going full speed.
Top speed - 30km/h
Mechanical disk brakes to match the speed.
Again such tiny bike feels incredibly stable and gives confidence even at 30km/h. Pretty much the opposite of riding the scooter.

To sum up, ebike blew all my expectations, especially coming from an electric scooter which feels like a toy now.