Finally finished my build

Amish David

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@AguassissiM I finally finished my e-bike I will put pictures up tomorrow I took it out for a test ride did not get it up to top speed. But here's the speedometer and GPS is only one mile per hour difference. I will most likely run about 15 miles per hour I just wanted to see what the thing would do. I have to start off slow or the front end comes off the ground which was somewhat amusing to me. None the less I rode approximately four and a half miles today. Obviously going down the road was not too bad but I live in the mountains coming up I did use pedal assist and kept a 15 mile per hour speed going up a rather large Hill. I also still had a full battery when I made it back to the house. In the near future I'm going to ride the bike on a further distance to see how far it will go here in the mountains. Again thank you for all your help