Finalmente! Buying Giant La Free E+2!!!


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Just under the wire with my LBS black Friday weekend sale, at the incredible price of $1699!

I rode this bike back in September and loved it, and was impressed by the service of my local dealer (I'm talking about you, Skagit Cycle!), who sent a model over for me to ride in the hilly town where I live. The bike was FABulous, the people at the shop very knowledgeable and helpful, and no pressure - everyone was more concerned about getting me the right bike than making a quick sale - that impressed me.

Then, my head was turned by visions of belt drives over the top of my price range, and I dithered and overthought and agonized for 3 long months.

That's all over now 😁. One good thing about the wait was, it saved me an extra $300 😉. When I get back to town this weekend (another reason I didn't buy is we were commencing our extended autumn travel), there will be two bikes waiting for me - a small and a medium size frame, and staff ready to help me pick the best size option (I'm right at the lower edge of medium), get me helmeted, and out their door I will ride! Can't wait!!!

It's been a long journey, and I really appreciate all the thoughts and advice I've gotten here - thanks so much!
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