Finding the right Electric Bike for my dad

Discussion in 'Help Choosing an Ebike' started by jml, Sep 18, 2017.

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    My dad will be celebrating his 70th birthday next month and my siblings and I are looking to get him an electric bike for a birthday/retirement gift. He's about 6'2" and he definitely prefers an upright ride and really values comfort.

    Our budget is around $1,500 (which I know doesn't go too far in this arena), but we're looking for suggestions on what might be the best fit for him. I've done some research, but I'm having a tough time pulling the trigger on anything since I'm brand new to electric bikes and I've never really heard anything of the available brands in that price range.

    Some we're considering:
    • Populo Lift
    • Crosscurrent Air (replacing the stem wth an adjustable stem to make it more upright)
    • VoltBike Elegant

    Any suggestions would be awesome! Thanks!
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    How about a Teo with 4 inch tire?
  4. harryS

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    I like the Cross Current line because (a) it is affordable (b) can be upgraded and (c) has more tech features. They also have different frame sizes, but you'll probably want the largest one at 17".

    I also hear that Voltbike customers are happy too. The Elegant only has one frame size, but it's also 17".

    I believe they perform the same. A bike is a bike. Get what you think will fit the best. Brakes, shifters, and derailleurs are easily adjusted or replaced for little money if they are junk. Ditto for tires. You can replace a seat if it's uncomfortable. My GT Transeo came with sandpaper like handlebar grips. I suffered for a year. Then I spent $8 to replace them.

    The other criteria is you want that bike delivered by his birthday next month, so maybe delivery time is most important.
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    The Juiced OceanCurrent for $1300 has beach cruiser styling, wide swept back handlebars, two frame shapes: high and mid-step, 26" x 2.35" tires, one frame size but the maximum rise of the saddle is 42" which ought to fit a 6'1" rider, a 48v 500w rear hub motor, mechanical disk brakes, weighing 51lb, pedal assist with a torque sensor and a thumb throttle, and a centrally mounted battery.
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    I am a 67 year old ebike rider, my suggestion is do not buy a bike without a throttle. Practice riding with the throttle only, then start pedaling. I ride a RadMini. You did not say if your dad currently rides a bike, or his ability to balance on a bike. My wife who has a balance problem uses a e-trike.

    We did add wider MTB pedals and a suspension seat post.

    Good luck with your purchase.
  7. jml

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    Thank you all so much for the advice! We ended up going with the Pedego City Commuter that @Dewey recommended! Based on the discounted price on that one, the bells and whistles, as well as the reviews, it seemed like the right choice!

    He is definitely going to have a blast on that thing! Thanks again!
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    @jml, come and report back how it went once you have given your dad the bike. We would like to know!
  9. jml

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    The Pedego City Commuter was a great choice! We did a 52 mile ride together this week! I don't think his recently replaced knees would have been able to keep up without it!

    Thank you all for the insight and help!

    Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 1.53.17 PM.png
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    I love ebikes :)
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    @jml I love the picture!! Thanks.
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