First E-Trike

I am looking into buying an electric trike and would like advice as to which one to buy. I am a heavy 63 year old female that is handicapped. After a back surgery a few years ago I still can't stand for more that 20 minutes without having to sit for a few minutes. I miss being able to hike and think that an e-trike will let me get out and get some exercise. I don't have lots of money to spend and have nailed it down to 2 trikes. Hoping someone knows something about these. #1 GoPlus 20" 500w and the FT-1900 500w. Both have fat tires as we will mostly be riding on fire roads and sometimes in snow. I can't find how many gears the GoPlus has but the FT-1900 has 7 and cost a few hundred more. Please let me know which one you think I should buy.