First issue with my Rad Rover-more power and speedo issues


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I will contact Rad customer service but in the mean while maybe someone has an opinion or a fix for my issue.


1) Speedo is incorrect. Shows over 7mph when barely moving

2) When up to high speed then perform a stop, speedo remains at high numbers and slowly goes to zero approxiametley 5 second after I have come to a full stop.

3) The bike feels like it has more power than before. Much zippier than before. Throttles up to 24 mph in about 2/3 the time it use to take.

4) Battery was showing no charge while bike was showing full charge for a while.

My 2018 Rad Rover has 271 miles on it. The bike has not experienced anything unusual such as being dropped or getting wet. The battery has never been wet, left on the charger to long, over heated or dropped.

Any ideas of what going on?

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I hope their tech support can solve your problems.
Me too! Wrote an email to their Tech Support last evening and will follow up with a call today. Fortunately the bike is ridable. I'm thinking maybe a controller issue. Not only is the speedo acting up but I am experiencing quicker (zippier) power assist. Now I'm this the way it should have been?


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It is only about $15 to add a wire speedometer. More power, faster acceleration, and maybe battery range around the same. Might be worth keeping this set-up for a while to see if there are any downsides while the warranty is still good.


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When something electronic like this changes, it's generally a flag that needs attention. I would not ignore it as the next time it changes may leave you stranded.

I'm betting on the controller as well....
CodyDog, sounds like your settings might have been tweaked. Turn on the bike. Press and hold the up & down arrow till screen flashes. First setting should be 700c (for the most accurate mph, onboard computer uses the outside circumference). Press "mode" to go to next setting, max speed. (Feeling frisky? -crank her up to 40kmh). Mode again, screen brightness (leave at 1 or you'll drain your battery faster and blind yourself). Mode once more, your choice... kmh or mph. When you're done PRESS and HOLD mode for a few seconds till screen changes back to "ride mode".

In all honesty Cody, it sounds like your battery management system (bms) might be faulty. We had a handful of 2018 batteries start acting up.
After a few rides and charge cycles they seemed to have leveled out. Guessing it might be the fact that they were brand new. If you have a multimeter and feel confident, log the voltages. (ie: after full charge cycle, before & after a ride, before charging). It's good info to provide the tech's at Rad Power. Best of luck!