First ride report & Low voltage setting for CCX

Hello everyone, this is my first post. First of all I want to thank all the amazing folks in this forum. Reading all of your experience convinced me to buy a juiced ccx instead of a stromer-ST2. I ordered it on 4th Jan and it showed up on my door on the 9th. Assembly took about an hour, most of my time was spent in removing the already installed front light to install the fenders and aligning the fenders. For some reason they had tightened the heck out of that front light nut :) . Battery was almost fully charged as it was showing all 9 bars. I topped it off for 1 hr for good measure.

After that i took it around for a quick spin just to get a feel of an e-bike. It was an awesome feeling, i was smiling for the most of that 4 mile ride. For a bit of a background, I love riding in general and have a road bike also. I have done Seattle to Portland (206 miles) bike ride twice. I want to commute to work every day (14 miles each way) but i am just lazy when its cold and rainy (which is most of the time here in Seattle). But riding this bike was just a blast and I have decided to use this for my daily commute.

Today is the first day of my commute with this bike. i started with full bars and 57.8 volts. After coming to office I can see it lost one bar and is showing 54.4 volts
bike controller picture.jpg
Here is the ride stats on strava (marked as ebike ride). 14 miles with 706 feet of climbing was done at 18.8 mph average speed and took 45 mins total.


I have 2 questions.
1. After my first ride which was 4 miles , I turned of the controller and battery and when i check it later the screen was showing 2 miles instead or 4 miles. I will keep an eye on this and report back if i see more of this behavior. i was just wondering if any of you have noticed this.
2. What is the low voltage setting you guys recommend for the 52 v ccx battery for longer life? currently I have kept it at 50 but i am not sure if that is correct.
Congrats on your CCX. I put 3800 miles on my Stomer ST2. I've ridden over 1200 on my CCS. Both bikes have their pros and cons. I think you made the right choice for the $$$. The best part about the ST2 was the motor. IT was really strong. The CCS gets up to speed eventually and doesn't climb hills quite as well. The ST2 didn't have front shocks or thumb throttle. I think your CCX should match the ST2 a bit better than the CCS does when it comes to motor strength.

I use my smart phone or a garmin computer to record all mileage but the odometer on my CCS is pretty close to what I record separately.
Thanks @SirJonathan I will set it to 45 as well.

Thanks @devhead, price was a major factor in my decision. I have heard people on Reddit and some other forums getting new ST2's for some crazy low prices. when i called around to the local shops here in seattle no one was ready to come below $6000 for the bigger battery and then I have to pay tax also so ~$6600. I found some better offers online but my concern was repair support if anything goes wrong with such an expensive machine. Finally i was about to purchase the ST2 and then i saw some videos about juiced bikes on YouTube by @Tora Harris and looking at what I was getting for the money I decided to go with CCX. Till now I am happy with my decision. I just hope that I can also put 1000's of trouble free miles on it like you have done :) . On a side note why do you have 2 e-bikes?

I will also just start logging all my miles using my wahoo elemnt on strava.
Thank you all. So I noticed the odometer dropping again. in the morning it was showing 16 miles, now i started it again to head home and its showing 15 miles. Will send mail to the support team and look for a response.
bike dropped miles.jpg