First up........LOVE my new Bulls E-stream FS3 27.5

Discussion in 'BULLS Forum' started by hikingdad, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. hikingdad

    hikingdad New Member

    This is the best ebike I've ridden and I have owned and/ or built 6 ebikes over 12 years ( all trottles). The full suspension is great....the battery is removable in seconds....and the battery is 17.5 aHrs....650whrs...50lbs.... MSRP $4600. LOVE IT

    Before you spend $6000 on the Specialized, or get a Haibike, check out the BULLS. Super quiet. I tried all the major mid drive ebikes....(I demoed Haibikes with Bosch CX, Yamaha and Specialized Levo w/ Brose). E-stream FS3 27.5 is the quietest ....more hillclimbing torque than the Bosch CX or Yamaha IMO.

    I just did a major uphill, rocky, banked switchback trail and it blew me away with the smooth torque sensor and balance/weight distribution. It felt like I was magnetically held on the trail as I was climbing rocks, effortlessly. Less wheelie prone. On the flats, you determine how much assist and just cruise.....but you must always pedal to keep the assist working. Brakes are incredible.

    I'm 60 with two bad knees, so I know instantly when the pedal resistance is causing too much pain. Usually level 2 is the best on the trails. There is a "sweet spot" in certain gears at certain speeds for the cadence and torque sensing. It took a day or two to find it, and once I did, the steep climbing is effortless.
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  3. grench

    grench Well-Known Member

    My Bulls Outlaw E45 ships Tuesday. I agree Bulls appears to be the new leader in components for the money. Speed bikes with big batteries and top of the line equipment.

    I can't wait to try mine!
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  4. Ravi Kempaiah

    Ravi Kempaiah Well-Known Member

    Riding this E-stream EVO was like "Bikegasm". Really enjoy the quiet and smooth power delivery.

    I'm trying to import a Speed pedelec version and with a 640Whr battery, that's going to be a blast to ride.
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  5. Key

    Key New Member

    Nice to hear. I'm in the process of getting an ebike and torn between the Bulls E-stream fs3 and the Specialized Turbo Levo. I did demo the Levo HT and was very pleased. Couldn't get my hands on the Bulls FS3 but any feedback on comparisons would be appreciated.
  6. David1

    David1 Active Member

    I've riden both , and would be happy with either. The Levo seems to be a tad superior , only because of all the app inputs. You can even check tire pressure with the app ! LBS is having Levo trail demo rides soon , and will get back with experience.
  7. hikingdad

    hikingdad New Member

    I rode both....and bought the Bulls for much less than the Levo. Levo has the bells and whistles with the app. It has an inconvenient power assist level switch way down on the side. It also has not as big a battery; and the Bulls will be a better all-round deal IMO.
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