Flyer - Powered by Panasonic GX Motor


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Have you ever heard of this company? They look pretty good! :D

Flyer Uproc7
FLYER E-Bike Uproc7 6.50, Full Suspension, pool blue/black matt

Flyer Uproc2
FLYER E-Bike Uproc2 4.50, Hardtail, teal blue/magma red matt

Flyer Gotour 5
FLYER E-Bike Gotour5, Comfort (low step-through frame), cast silver gloss

Upstreet 5
FLYER E-Bike Upstreet5, Mixed (trapeze frame), glacier blue gloss

Flyer Goroc4
FLYER E-Bike Goroc4 6.50 HS, Full Suspension, olive metallic/black matt

Flyer Goroc2
FLYER E-Bike Goroc2 6.50, Hardtail, vintage brass/black matt


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They have a production capacity of 400 bikes a day and employ 220 people in Hutswil. They outsell Stromer 5 to 1 on home Turf. They are present in every major Swiss train station as rental bikes. They sell in multiple European countries. They have 300 dealers in Switzerland and 450 in Germany. They have come back with a profit for 10 consecutive years. They have been voted favorite e-bike brand by Swiss dealers at least twice. They offer a 5 year warranty on drives for city bikes and 3 years on drives for E-mountain bikes. They do a lot of BTO and one or two E-MTBs usually come with the 45km/h option (due to favorable Swiss laws). They have been married to Panasonic “for ever”. They had a direct drive Panasonic powered commuter e-bike but withdrew it and replaced it with the more versatile dual gear Panasonic drive. Swiss hills can be really steep and that beast can climb straight up a brick wall even with an Enviolo TR.