Folding Fat tire frame?


I'm looking for a folding fat tire frame to buy or a non electric folding fat tire bike to convert to a mid drive.

Anyone know of where to get one or a custom builder that could help? Open to any suggestions to options.
Found this item on Alibaba, it's a folding mountain bike frame from a company that can build to specs. You can contact them for the specifics. I would like to remind you that a folding frame is not recommended for serious trail riding, they're not as structurally strong as a rigid frame but would be alright on packed park trails with no jumping.

Here's another custom folding frame builder that can work to your specs.
And it looks like Curtlo Cycles builds fat tire frames & folding frames, so it may be worth a call to them.
Also check out this search for custom frame builders in the US; you'll have to go through it and check their sites or call.


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Many custom frame builders will place connectors that could split the frame in two. It's not the same as a bike folding in half, and it's definitely not cheap, but possible. Here's a photo: