Full suspension Ultra bike!

I expected a few bumps and they were there:
-Wrong Fork (but I can live with this one)
-Wrong battery ( correct one is shipping to me now)
-Wrong headlight

Strong likes:
-Motor powerfull
-Motor integrated into frame, not sticking out
-Great color display, easy to program
-Easy to mount and dismount (26X3 tires)
-Full Suspendion
-Excellent price for the bike

Barry S

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I'm sure it's an option. Roshan is flexible on that sort of thing..
That's exactly what this market needs: more options. I'm not talking a full customization, but personal preferences that don't require a lot of training for the non-mechanic employee to do like swapping tires or saddle. If I get a fat tire bike, I plan on putting a set of Origin Supercell or VeeTire Speedsters on once it arrives. I'd pay extra to have that done prior to shipping, and then it's ready to go once I get it.
Here it is with the Wren and a couple extras I added: 20A battery, back cargo shelf, noseless seat, and handlebars raised with a MTB adjustable extension. Fun to ride even with a temperature of 92F!
Yes, the tires are different. I blew out the back tire in less than 2 weeks by riding over large, sharp rocks. Now my wife just can't stand that the tires are different and insists that I get a tire for the front that matches the rear. :)


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Aren't they a lot of fun on the street ? What do you end up with brakes ? I just swapped out my stock front mechanical to a four piston hydraulic and it's just what I wanted and needed. Enjoy !
The FS comes standard with hydraulic disc brakes and I am glad it does. I've already had to make a couple power stops to not get run over by cars. And yes, I am enjoying it!


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Sounds good. Where did you get the 725E? I checked the internet and could not find any for sale.
I bought it from Roshan. I just installed the front because it's a bit more complicated routing the line to the back but I found that's all I need . Greatly increased stopping power.
@dugg914 - now that you’ve had the bike a bit over a month how about an update?

I’m probably going to order one later this week, I’m trying to decide whether to upgrade to the wren fork and hydraulic brakes. I already have a CCS for commuting and this will be my winter fun toy.