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battery for G1

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  1. Acre brasil

    Acre brasil New Member

    i'n looking for a gocycle G1 battery ... can someone HELP me!?

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  3. Ann M.

    Ann M. Administrator

    @Acre brasil, I found a London phone number and an email contact form on the Gocycle website. That might be the best place to start. It might be that the current G3 battery will work on your G1 but you need to talk with them to know for certain and to find where to purchase that battery.

    Can you tell us a little more about why you need a replacement battery so soon? That G1 can't be more than a couple of years old.
  4. maarten

    maarten New Member

    I saw your question in my searchresults in google and i can help you out if you want. I have a pré-production gocycle g1(serial 000210 of 300 testbikes made) and had the same issue. The bike i got from my boss as he wanted to chuck it.
    Anyway, you have 2 options...
    one is call gocycle and have no option but get the 800€ costing replacement lithium-ion option with new charger.
    Or you can do it my way and pay roughly 100€ and replace the cells in your pack for new ones.
    Its quite fidely but if your handy and pay attention certainly doable.
    Inside the long sleeve sits the pack itself with heatshrinking sleeve. You cut the pack open down the center, carefully avoiding the couple of wires. You will see that its nothing more then 2 rows of 8 D-size nimh batteries.
    What do you need?
    First off all the cells.
    Those are easy to find online or any good batterieshop. The ones i have used hi as the manufacturer claimed 12.000mah, but as they were a generic brand i suspect a more stable 8500 to9500mah would be more realistic. If i would be in your shoes i would take a A-brand . they might cost you almostd double but you will benefit in de the long run.
    Attention!!! When you order them. Make SURE they are fitted with a soldertab. These tabs are usually poorly spotwelded so try not to bend them till you start soldering them.
    Second is a good quality soldering iron (100w) soldering guns are not usable because the tip cools to fast on this size batteries and flux. And solder.
    A heated glue gun.
    As last you need some sort of jig to fix them while soldering....
    If your not used to use a soldering iron, stop here and find someone who can
    Your solderings need to be clean and aligned and use as little solder as possible.
    Or the pack wont closel.
    Put the cells in the fixture and cut the soldertab to lenght. And solder the cells
    Together one by one. Before pushing the cells together use the glue gun and apply a little glue (put the gleu then push the cells together and let it cool.)
    When you have finished the 2 rows. Also use some glue to fix them togehter and then apply the wires to their designated place making sure they nicely arranged within de dimensions of the pack.
    Next u take some electrical tape and go arround the batteriepack not overdoing it.
    Now slide it back into the sleeve,fix back the ends. Now you will see if you have soldered good ot not. If good all will fit as should and you have a new pack for alot less money.
    Some shops do provide the service of preassembly. You just say how theyshould be arranged, solder and wrap the cells for you.
    And if needed you can send me your old pack and i will redo the pack for you.
  5. cosy

    cosy New Member

  6. cosy

    cosy New Member

    As a new member to this forum i was reading your reply with interest as that is exactly what i am trying to do.
    however can you tell me how you got the battery pack out of the Empower metal tube.
    The cells seem to be glued in and any advice would be welcome.