G3 Saddle is too high ...

Dear Friends, I just recently bought myself a GoCycle G3 and - unfortunately - I found out that, even at the lowest setting, the saddle position is to high for my wife.
Do you know if a ... shorter saddle tube is available ? If you had a similar problem, how did you solve it ?
Many thanks and best regards
I am sure others will reply but it looks like GoCycle sells a 70 mm smaller post. I am not familiar with this seat post but it can not be cut?
Thank you !!! :)
As the seat post is specifically shaped at both ends, just cutting it, is unfortunately not possible :-(
But thanks to your idea, I found the shorter one: http://www.gocycleuk.com/product_p/kkl-4317-3655-01.htm
As usual, it's very expensive ... I will have to carefully check if 70 mm less is enough ...
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