Getting an A2B hybrid working again after prolonged non use

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Repairs' started by Steven Taylor, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Steven Taylor

    Steven Taylor New Member

    I bought a brand new A2B hybrid 24 back in February of this year, used it a couple of times, then bad health and a million other reasons and it was not used, battery has not been charged. Finally everything in my life is now fine, bike didn't start, tried to charge battery, seemed to give impression it was fully charged, which of course it couldn't have been, although it seems difficult to tell if light was yellow or green!

    Advice please on what to check/try.

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  3. Ann M.

    Ann M. Administrator

    @Steven Taylor, your battery is in "sleep mode". Without periodic charging the voltage has dropped too low and the Battery Management System, BMS, is doing it's protective thing and shut down the battery. Do you have a local ebike shop you can take the pack and charger to? They may have the ability to restart the battery if they've had experience doing this. It's not a process I recommend you try on your own since it's risky.

    Once you get the battery restarted you will need to ride the bike right away and run the battery down, then charge to make sure there's no other damage. After that, use a digital timer inline with your charger & battery and set it to charge about once a month to prevent the battery from degenerating. A Cycle Satiator by Grin Technologies is a good choice for most Lithium batteries since you can select how much charge to put on the battery. Research shows that a battery in storage should be kept at approx. 60 to 80% charge for long storage. Storing at 100% charge seems to shorten the lifespan of most Li Ion batteries.