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  1. Mat Cooper

    Mat Cooper New Member

    Hey all, Just thought I would make a thread on this bike.
    I was very close to backing this project when it was on Kickstarter, such a tidy looking bike, useful folding mechanism and I also thought it looked awesome :)
    They had another round of funding on Indiegogo.
    The price seemed pretty good and I was super close to backing the project but for what ever reason I did not.

    Like most design concepts it has gone through many changes over its public life.
    This is my favorite version
    and if the production model looked like this I would put up the funds and get one for sure!
    The things that I really like about this design is how clean and light it looks. No cables, minimal spokes unique seat post and with out knowing the correct name for it I will just refer to it as the the hollow crank portal.
    Here is a shot of the other side
    But the bike above is not how I firs came across it as I was browsing the interwebs.
    When I was close to bidding it looked like this
    Still a stunner and I was still very smitten with its looks.
    You may notice a few small changes,
    The head lite is a nice addition and the seat post looks like it would hold my weight with a little more confidence.
    Other changes, the spoke configuration, the routing of the cables, pedals, saddle have all had tweaks and the portal is closing but still has a look of its own.
    And now we have the current revisions and a new look as we can see below
    As you can see the portal is now closed, a more traditional seat post has been integrated, the cables are out to say hello, light has changed position, more spokes, bike tyres have a new tread, and introduction of the mud guards (the rear one is like those slap wrist bands that were all the rage back in my childhood)
    Here is another pic
    So yeh it has been through some changes I can only guess to meet durability tests or maybe even to make it a more economical proposition.
    I still think it would be a great bike and I quite like the idea how ever I feel its a bit like when you take off the beer goggles.

    What are your thoughts?
    has anyone had a chance to ride one yet? it looks like they have taken it to a few shows.
    Keen to hear from any one that has a preproduction model (or even if the GiFly team stumble across this thread)

    Love the concept and hope to be tempted by maybe a version 2 ;)

    If you love it you can check out their website

    Chat soon

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  3. Nirmala

    Nirmala Active Member

    I am intrigued by this bike also. It is not something I would need personally, but it is innovative and appealing. I like that it comes standard with flat-proof tires and a belt drive. I would think that anyone commuting by bike would love the low maintenance and reliability of just those two features. And the folding means it is easier to take into your workplace with you.
  4. Mat Cooper

    Mat Cooper New Member

    Yeh spot on!
    They were 2 heavy points that were drawing me in. I would love to give this a test ride one day :D
  5. Nirmala

    Nirmala Active Member

  6. Nirmala

    Nirmala Active Member

  7. Phoenix3

    Phoenix3 New Member

    Hi Mat

    I'm in agreement the bike looks to be a fabulous concept. As an early investor though the wait is a killer. Probably bringing every new product to market is a struggle but as each implied delivery date slips by, the excitement is harder to maintain. Especially while other innovative bike are available. My money is locked up with no idea when the rubber will hit the road.

    Has anyone heard anything about hard delivery dates?
  8. Makati Mack

    Makati Mack New Member

    I hope you get your money back...but I have no confidence in their ability to deliver this bike. Where is ANY ONE...just 1...of these bikes. Only in slick promo videos. Never a review. Never in a trial ride in the park. Come cool bike but they don't share it in real circumstances. That's not REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL. The bike is not REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL. How do they have such a cool feature rich bike for the demos...but nothing to share with real people. Can you say DUCT TAPE? They CANNOT share it...because the design is NO WORKOOOOOOOOOO!

    I am not hating...I like the concept...I was hot to put my cash down...but the only media was on the more media after the Google pre-production trials....WRITE them....ask them...very polite....but no REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL answers. More excuses...and pushed production dates...and more investments of course. I am happy to be wrong....but show me the about for a electric bike review...wouldnt that be your first stop with a hit bike. WAITING....not hating. Good Luck.
  9. Phoenix3

    Phoenix3 New Member

    My money has been locked up for a very very loooong two years. Can one guess how many missed delivery dates before the mind wonders whether the designers are viable or their intention has gone awry. Only recently they started to now claim all delivery dates were estimated but who would have ever invested with open ended delivery promises. Yeah, sure, your 2015 car might arrive in 2020, maybe. And, we want out money up front. What kind of company would operate that way?

    They're still on the PR push but life, and new product, is passing them by, and they just don't get it. Sad.

    I'm still hoping to get the bike but don't believe anything the developers say. Maybe it'll show before my 70th birthday; I'm almost 69 now.
  10. Makati Mack

    Makati Mack New Member

    Sorry for your path Phoenix. I am glad we have an original funder's comments. Yes...2 years is way to long...for production of a bike. Arrogant founders...that goes down as #FAIL for Gi FLY eBike. As for the advancements offered above...sheer misdirection as they stall to discover design tricks that might make the design workable in production at necessary scale. They can't make monkeys fly out their butt and the Gi FLY eBike is a similar failure. Not every innovative idea is meant to build at production scale.

    If anyone knows how to contact Court of this site, we could ask his assistance in getting the boys to put up or shut up. They would need to take his call and react reasonably to his inquiries and his attention over time would force some truth into the nice warm sunlight.

    Sniffs dead to me...I am happy to be wrong.